Nuvance Health's Moment of Giving 2021

Moment of Giving

November 17 marks Nuvance Health’s Moment of Giving 2021, our year-end digital event recognizing the tremendous efforts of those who provide care through our local hospitals. Our programming will focus on topics from Covid, to cancer, to cardiology and beyond. You’ll get insights from expert medical professionals; hear patients share their own stories; and learn about the community members whose generosity ensures the continuity of quality care at every Nuvance Health hospital, practice and clinic.

House Calls

Nuvance Health’s health education series moderated by Christopher Lehrach, MD, MBA, Chief Physician Executive for Nuvance Health. All “House Calls” episodes – including our previous series – were recorded and can be viewed here.

Join us for a live House Calls presentation at 4pm on November 17 as our panel of cancer specialists discuss new perspectives on pancreatic cancer, research and the patient experience. You’ll also hear one patient’s story.

Heart and Vascular Institute

Delivering advanced heart and vascular care to patients in the communities they call home.

Global Health

Addressing global health disparities in underserved communities around the world through medical education, research, and capacity building.