Complex Hernia Repair (Abdominal Wall Reconstruction)

If you have a large hernia and previous procedures have failed to repair it, there’s still hope. Nuvance Health is home to a team of surgeons specializing in complex hernia repair. 

We regularly help patients–some of whom have undergone numerous surgeries–achieve lasting relief and return to their busy lives. This advanced treatment is not widely available in New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. 

What is a Complex Hernia?

Complex hernias occur when there’s a large hole and the abdominal wall can’t do its job. Organs or tissue spill out into the abdominal cavity causing a bulge resembling a pregnant belly in some people. 

Complex hernia repair involves abdominal wall reconstruction, a special surgery to close large holes. It requires skilled hands and sophisticated techniques, both of which you’ll find at Nuvance Health. 
Surgical Team

Complex Hernia Repair at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Some people live with complex hernias for years because they aren’t painful or are fearful of another unsuccessful surgery. When you see specialists such as the ones at Nuvance Health, you receive advanced care from experienced surgeons. We use research-based methods and regularly treat severe cases . Highlights of the program include:

  • Specialized care
    The team includes surgeons with additional training in complex hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction. We successfully treat people who have been told the hernia is too large to fix. Our capabilities draw patients from across the region. 
  • Robotic hernia surgery
    Complex hernia repair often involves robotic surgery, which is gentler on your body. Surgeons use small incisions and special technologies to repair hernias with less disruption to nearby tissue. We also perform traditional open procedures on people who are not eligible for robotic surgery. 
  • Trusted care
    Center of Excellence Robotic Surgery Award SealOur commitment to robotic surgery safety and outcomes has helped us earn national recognition. Many Nuvance Health locations maintain Center of Excellence accreditation from the Surgical Review Corporation. This designation means we use research-based methods that lead to efficient care and lowers complication risks.

Our Team Approach to Complex Hernia Repair

For severe hernias, abdominal wall reconstruction may involve the skills of two or more hernia surgeons. We often discuss complicated cases and work together to plan procedures. Multiple hernia surgeons operate together when necessary.

Hernia specialists also collaborate with other Nuvance Health surgeons. Efforts may involve plastic surgeons who place incisions in less visible areas instead of down the center of the abdomen. We work with thoracic surgeons for complex hernias near the esophagus and gynecologists when hernias involve a woman’s pelvic organs.

What to Expect During and After Complex Hernia Repair Surgery

The procedure involves moving the intestines back to their natural position. Surgeons also release sections of abdominal wall tissue creating extra space to close the hole. It’s similar to an extra zipper on a suitcase narrowing the gap between top and bottom so you can close it. This process creates a secure repair that reduces the likelihood of future hernias in the same area.

After abdominal wall reconstruction, you stay in the hospital for a few days. Physical therapists help you get out of bed and walking. Nurses check on your food and fluid intake and manage pain medications. The team’s careful attention during recovery helps nearly all patients go home after discharge instead of a rehabilitation facility.