Patient Blood Management (PBM) and Bloodless Medicine

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At Nuvance Health®, we strive to maintain the standard of care and best practice for patient blood management, for all patients. However, we understand that you may have many reasons for avoiding transfusions of donor blood or primary blood components (Whole Blood, Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC), Platelets, and Plasma (Fresh Frozen Plasma ‘FFP’). Whatever you decide about the use of blood products, blood fractions and procedures utilizing your own blood, we respect your wishes and offer services that give you peace of mind. We partner with you and use a team approach to target care to your specific needs. You have choices when you come to us for care.

Patient Blood Management (PBM) and Bloodless Medicine at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Skilled professionals in Patient Blood Management (PBM) and Bloodless Medicine are deeply committed to honoring your care preferences. We have dedicated program coordinators and designees who are available to discuss your bloodless care wishes.

We answer general questions and offer specific care consultations, including:

  • Prior to medical or surgical care
  • Before, during and after pregnancy
  • At any point during your treatment, inpatient or outpatient   

Even if you do not currently need medical care, you may contact us to discuss your wishes for future care. We are available if you’d like to discuss advance directives and care in the case of an emergency.