Research and Innovation

Nuvance Health conducts groundbreaking research and innovation to improve patient care and advance the field of medicine.

At Nuvance Health®, research and innovation are a top priority—unlocking advancements that improve health care now and in the future.

Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute

Renowned scientists perform translational research, which uses scientific findings to improve the standard of patient care and advance our community’s health. Discover more about this groundbreaking work and expertise.

Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute
Research - African American Scientist

Clinical Trials

Nuvance Health serves as a research site for many national and international clinical trials. Learn how these studies evaluate new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.

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Lyme Disease Research and Prevention

Researchers educate the public about Lyme disease prevention, developing new diagnostic methods and collaborating on biobanking efforts.

Lyme Disease Research and Prevention
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Research and Innovation at Nuvance Health

At Nuvance Health, research and innovation are a top priority—unlocking advancements that improve health care now and in the future. Highlights of the program include:

  • A full range of research initiatives:
    Offerings include translational, clinical and investigator-led research. This robust program is on par with that of major academic medical centers in our region and beyond.
  • Strong research pipeline:
    Sponsors and partner institutions seek out Nuvance Health based on our reputation for solid research. This broad network creates a strong pipeline of opportunities for eligible patients to participate in research.
  • Access to new treatments:
    We provide avenues for patients to be involved in important studies and trials close to home. Eligible patients may have access to promising new therapies before they’re widely available.
  • Career and educational opportunities:
    Nuvance Health offers a launchpad for a rewarding career. We also train the next generation of clinicians and researchers, through internships and fellowships, to make important discoveries.

Clinical Trial Listings

  • Alzheimer's 

    Evoke Plus
    A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial investigating the effect and safety of oral semaglutide in subjects with early Alzheimer´s disease (EVOKE plus
    76-week Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Two Doses of Simufilam in Subjects With Mild-to-Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

  • Arrhythmia 

    Assessment of Primary Prevention Patients Receiving an Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator – Systematic Evaluation of ATP
    A multicenter, Randomized, Active-control study to evaluate the safety and tolerability of two blinded doses of Abenacimab compared with open label rivaroxaban in patients with Atrial Fibrillation
    Product Surveillance Registry Platform
    Evaluate the periodic reporting of safety and effectiveness of Medtronic market-released products for their intended use

  • Coronary Disease 

    Evaluation of Treatment Strategies for Severe CaLcIfic Coronary Arteries: Orbital Atherectomy vs. Conventional Angioplasty Technique Prior to Implantation of Drug-Eluting Stents
    HP-4/TIMI 65/ORION 4
    A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial assessing the effects of inclisiran on clinical outcomes among people with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.
    Vesalius CV
    A Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo-controlled, Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Impact of Evolocumab on Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients at High Cardiovascular Risk Without Prior Myocardial Infactrion or Stroke

  • COVID-19 

    A Phase III Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multicenter Study in Adults to Determine the Safety, Efficacy, and Immunogenicity of AZD1222, a Non-replicating ChAdOx1 Vector Vaccine, for the Prevention of COVID-19
    A Phase II Study of the Efficacy and Safety of LAU-7b in the Treatment of Adult Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19

  • Crohn's Disease 
    A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parellel-group, Multicenter study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Guselkumab Subcutaneous Induction Therapy in Participants with Moderately to Severely Active Crohn's Disease
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis 
    SP-1011-004 EAP
    APT-1011 (Fluticasone ODT) Expanded Access Protocol for Patients with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
    Fluticasone propionate Oral Dispersible Tablet Formulation in Eosinophilic Esophagitis: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled 24-Week Induction Study of APT-1011, followed by a Single-arm Open-label Extension, in Adult Subjects with Eosinophilic Esophagitis 
  • Heart Failure  


    This is an international, multicenter, parallel-group, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (left ventricular ejection fraction [LVEF] ≤40%) who have been stabilized during hospitalization for acute heart failure, evaluating the effect of in-hospital initiation of dapagliflozin versus placebo on the clinical outcome of cardiovascular death or worsening heart failure
    The objective of this prospective, randomized, blinded clinical trial is to assess the safety and efficacy of the Carillon Mitral Contour System in treating heart failure with functional regurgitation (FMR).
    A Phase 2b, Randomised, Double-Blind, Active-Controlled, Multi-Centre Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Oral AZD9977 and Dapagliflozin Treatment in Patients with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Infectious Disease
    Expanded Access IND Protocol: Use of Tecovirimat (TPOXX®) for Treatment of Human Non-Variola Orthopoxvirus Infections in Adults and Children
  • Lupus 

    A 5-Year Prospective Observational Registry to Assess Adverse Events of Interest and Effectiveness in Adults with Active, Autoantibody-Positive Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Treated with or without Benlysta (belimumab)
    A Prospective Observational Registry of Patients Treated with LUPKYNIS (voclosporin) in the US

  • Migraine 

    AMG 334 Erenumab

    Phase 4 Open Label study to evaluate treatment satisfaction with Erenumab in patients with Migraine

  • Multiple Sclerosis 

    An Observational Study of Ocrelizumab-Treated Patients with Multiple Sclerosis to Determine the Incidence and Mortality Rates of Breast Cancer and All Malignancies
    A Multicenter, Global, Observational Study to Collect Information on Safety and to Document the Drug Utilization of Tecfidera™ (Dimethyl Fumarate) When Used in Routine Medical Practice in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (ESTEEM)

  • Parkinson's Disease 


    A Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled, Randomized, 18-month Phase 2A Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetics of Oral UCB0599 In Study Participants with Early Parkinson's Disease

  • Pulmonary 

    A Longitudinal Prospective Observational Study of the Characteristics, Treatment Patterns and Health Outcomes of Individuals with Severe Asthma in the United States.
    A Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study to Assess the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Brensocatib Administered Once Daily for 52 Weeks in Subjects with Non-Cystic Fibrosis Bronchiectasis
    Harmony/ HBS-101-CL-010
    A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Withdrawal Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Pitolisant in Adult Patients with Idiopathic Hypersomnia
    Harmony/ HBS-101-CL-011
    An Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Long-Term Safety and Effectiveness of Pitolisant in Adult Patients with Idiopathic Hypersomnia who Completed Study HBS-101-CL-010

  • Stroke 

    Anticoagulation in ICH Survivors for Stroke Prevention and Recovery (ASPIRE)

  • Surgery 
    Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 2 Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of TU-100 as an Adjunct to an Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) Protocol in Subjects Undergoing Bowel Resection
  • Vascular 

    A Study of Patients with Lower Extremity Acute Limb Ischemia to Remove Thrombus with the Indigo® Aspiration System