Research and Innovation

Nuvance Health conducts groundbreaking research and innovation to improve patient care and advance the field of medicine.

At Nuvance Health®, research and innovation are a top priority—unlocking advancements that improve health care now and in the future. The department of research and innovation comprises of The Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute, Clinical Trials at Danbury Hospital, Norwalk Hospital and Vassar Brothers Medical Center and Investigator-Initiated Research and Residency Scholarly Activity. 

Rudy L. Ruggles Biomedical Research Institute

Research and innovation includes a well-known research institute, which brings breakthroughs from the lab directly to the bedside. Renowned scientists perform translational research, which uses scientific findings to improve the standard of patient care and advance our community’s health. Discover more about groundbreaking expertise
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Clinical Trials

Whether you are a patient at Nuvance Health, a community member or a sponsor – we offer the opportunity to partner with us to bring new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches to the Cancer, Heart and Vascular, Neuroscience and Digestive Health Institutes. Nuvance Health serves as a research site for many national and international clinical trials. Learn how these studies evaluate new approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat disease.
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Investigator-Initiated Research

Whether you are a clinician, nurse or part of our residency programs – we offer services to support the growth of investigator-initiated research at Nuvance Health. Clinicians on the front lines of healthcare have unique insight and expertise, making them particularly well-suited to the identification and cultivation of meaningful research. Our team works to facilitate this scholarly work. The Department hosts an annual conference, the Joseph L. Belsky Research Day, which highlights and celebrates the research conducted by our residents and staff. 
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Investigator initiated research

Research and Innovation at Nuvance Health

Highlights of the program include:

  • A full range of research initiatives:
    Offerings include clinical trials, along with translational and investigator-initiated research. This robust program is on par with that of major academic medical centers in our region and beyond.
  • Strong research pipeline:
    Sponsors and partner institutions seek out Nuvance Health based on our reputation for solid research. This broad network creates a strong pipeline of opportunities for eligible patients to participate in research.
  • Access to new treatments:
    We provide avenues for patients to be involved in important studies and trials close to home. Eligible patients may have access to promising new therapies before they’re widely available.
  • Career and educational opportunities:

    Nuvance Health offers a launchpad for a rewarding career. We also train the next generation of clinicians and researchers, through internships and fellowships, to advance medicine and the quality of our patient care.