MyNuvanceHealth Patient Portals

Stay connected with us through the MyNuvanceHealth patient portals. Securely message your Nuvance Health® doctor, access your medical records, visit notes, test results and more. Select the portal that’s right for you.

Which Patient Portal is Right for Me?

I am a new or existing patient in Connecticut

Existing Patients who receive care at:
• Danbury Hospital
• New Milford Hospital
• Norwalk Hospital
• Brewster Medical — Eastern New York Medical Services
• Nuvance Health Medical Practice CT, Inc. (formerly Western Connecticut Medical Group, Inc.)

New Patients
New? Self-enroll in MyNuvanceHealth/Blue patient portal.
Use your email address, a medical record number (found on a patient bill, after visit summary (AVS), or blood draw/imaging order requisition paperwork).

I am a new or existing patient in New York (or Sharon, CT)

Existing Patients who receive care at:
• Northern Dutchess Hospital
• Putnam Hospital
• Sharon Hospital
• Vassar Brothers Medical Center
• The Heart Center
• Nuvance Health Medical Practice, P.C. (formerly Health Quest Medical Practice, P.C.)

New Patients
New? Self-enroll in MyNuvanceHealth/Green patient portal.
Use your email address, a medical record number (found on a patient bill, after visit summary (AVS), or blood draw/imaging order requisition paperwork).

Need Help Accessing Your Portal?

If you need technical support to access your patient portals, contact (877) 621-8014 or complete this form.

Users can search the Apple or Google Play store for MyNuvanceHealth/Blue or MyNuvanceHealth/Green to use the mobile app.
*If you are experiencing an emergency, do not use the patient portal.

Please note: Security requirements for MyNuvanceHealth Patient Portals may not support outdated browsers or operating systems (OS).

Connect with us –  Anytime, Anywhere

MyNuvanceHealth patient portals allow you to:
View lab and radiology test results
Securely message your doctor
View notes from your visits
Request prescription renewals
View vaccination history
Pay your bill 
Woman on phone using the patient portal

Health Records now available on apple devices

Patients may now access their Nuvance Health medical data through Health Records on iPhone. Health Records on iPhone is an application that brings together hospitals, clinics and the existing Apple Health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose. Nuvance Health is now one of those providers.

The Health Records* feature is part of the Health app, which also shows activity, heart rate, nutrition and other health data consolidated from iPhone, Apple Watch and HealthKit-enabled third-party apps. 
Learn more
Health Records on iPhone

Text Alerts for Prescription Medications

As a patient of Nuvance Health, you now have access to text alerts for prescription medications. Real-time text notifications are secure and help you view information about the medication(s) your doctor prescribed.
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Expanded Access to Your Medical Information

The 21st Century Cures Act is a recent federal mandate that expands access to medical information. Pursuant to the Cures Act, Nuvance Health will release most test results (excluding genetics) and provider notes through the patient portal as soon as they are available. At Nuvance Health, this information is available through the MyNuvanceHealth patient portals.

Securely connect your Nuvance Health electronic medical records to your health management apps (e.g., fitness trackers, dietary trackers). Once we receive your request, we will be in touch (typically within two business days) with next steps. Use this form to request connection. 

  •  21st Century Cures Act FAQs 

    1. Why is Nuvance Health making these enhancements?

    As a federal statute, all health systems must comply with the Cures Act by April 5, 2021. Building on an existing commitment to transparency, its goals are to:

    • Strengthen patient-clinician partnerships

    • Enhance the patient experience

    • Provide better care

    2. Which patients will receive immediate access to test records?

    All patients will have immediate access to test results and provider notes through their patient portal, whether they are in a hospital, urgent care center or provider practice. Genetic testing results are not subject to these requirements.

    3. How will a patient receive test results and provider notes?

    Health systems will release test results (excluding genetics) and provider notes through their portal as soon as they are available.

    4. What if a person does not use the patient portal?

    The patient portal is available to all Nuvance Health patients. Patients can sign up if they do not currently have access by going to the Nuvance Health website.

    5. If a patient is not in the hospital, how long will it be before a provider’s office contacts the patient about results?

    Nuvance Health clinical teams will provide more information about abnormal test results promptly.

    This will happen:

    • Within three business days after release for an outpatient appointment

    • No later than next-day rounds for inpatient hospital encounters

    6. If a patient is in the hospital, how long will it be before their provider discusses results?

    Providers will update results and answer questions during their regular daily visit. If patients have questions about information in the portal, they can ask a member of the care team. If a patient receives results after the provider has already done daily rounds, they will be discussed on the next visit.

    7. When will a patient’s provider receive test results?

    Except for genetic testing, patients will receive test results as soon as they are available. It is possible patients will see results before their provider has had an opportunity to review them. Nuvance Health will contact patients about abnormal test results as quickly as possible.

    8. Why will it take up to two business days for the office to contact a patient if they are not in the hospital?

    It can be concerning receiving abnormal test results without additional information. This delay gives us time to review them. If there are questions or concerns, patients may contact their provider’s office.

  • Connect Your Health Management Apps 

    Technology allows you to stay better connected and well-informed of your health. Nuvance Health is committed to help you better manage your health  this includes securely connecting to your devices such as fitness trackers.


    If you’d like to request your MyNuvanceHealth patient portal data connects with your device, please fill out the below request. A team member will be in touch within three business days.


    Request App Connection Form

  • Request Medical Records

    Need to request your medical records?

    Submit a request online or complete and sign the authorization for the release of information form, then fax to (203) 749-9000 or e-mail

  • Manage Health Records of Family Members Through Proxy Access 

    To register a minor for the MyNuvanceHealth patient portals, the minor will need a unique email address.



    Proxy Access Request Form for Incapable Adult & Minor Patients (PDF)

    Proxy Access Request Form for Adult Authorized Representatives (PDF)



    Proxy Access Request Form (PDF)

  • Patient Privacy and Security 

    Your health and financial data are stored using secure encryption and security technology to protect your information. Patient information is always encrypted, firewall-protected and under surveillance 24/7.


*Health Records on iPhone, iPhone, Apple Watch, and HealthKit are not affiliated with Nuvance Health.  Nuvance Health is not responsible in any way for the delivery, use, content, or privacy of these applications, which are used at your own risk.