Diabetes Education

Diabetes education helps preserve your well-being. To get started, see your primary care provider or diabetes specialist (endocrinologist) for a referral.

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Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are too high. As a chronic disease, it gets worse over time and can lead to complications affecting your heart, eyes, feet and more. But there are steps you can take to manage it, and specialists at Nuvance Health® help you learn how.
Could You Benefit from Diabetes Education and Support?

Whether your diagnosis is recent, or you’ve been living with diabetes for years, Nuvance Health specialists are here for you. Our services help people who have diabetes or face a high risk of developing it.

You may benefit from these offerings if you have:

  • Gestational diabetes: High blood sugar levels that occur only with pregnancy
  • Pre-diabetes: Blood sugar levels that are higher than normal, but not high enough to cause symptoms
  • Type 1 diabetes: Your body does not produce insulin, which is a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels
  • Type 2 diabetes: The body doesn’t make enough or correctly process insulin

Diabetes Education at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

At Nuvance Health, you receive diabetes education from an experienced team that includes certified diabetes educators. We offer a range of options in a warm, caring environment and make it easier to take control of your health. Highlights include:

  • Recognized programs
    We hold ourselves to high standards for diabetes education and support. Our diabetes self-management education program maintains recognition from the American Diabetes Association®.
  • Certified diabetes educators
    You receive information from nurses and dietitians with a special interest in supporting people with diabetes. Educators receive ongoing training and must pass a rigorous exam.
  • Convenience
    Diabetes education classes and one-on-one sessions are available in locations throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. We offer classes during the day and in the early evening, making it easier to fit into your busy schedule.
  • Coordination
    Diabetes educators communicate with your primary care provider or endocrinologist on a regular basis. If you might benefit from nutrition counseling, we discuss important details about your needs. These efforts help the team tailor recommendations so you have timely access to care.
Diabetes Education Services We Offer

Eligible adults have access to a broad range of diabetes education options that include:
  • Diabetes self-management and education sessions: This program from the American Diabetes Association teaches you about life with diabetes and how to take care of yourself. You must have insurance and receive approval to participate. Find out more about diabetes self-management and education.

  • Nutrition counseling: You receive one-on-one nutrition counseling from a dietitian. Services include personalized nutrition recommendations that reflect your health goals and eating preferences. Services require a physician referral. Find out more about nutrition counseling.

  • Insulin pump training: An insulin pump is a wearable device that delivers insulin, a hormone, to your body. The device is programmable to provide insulin throughout the day or at specific times. Training helps you learn how to use it. This service requires a physician referral.

  • Diabetes support groups: We host monthly support groups where you can share concerns and gain support from other people with diabetes. Guest speakers provide information on topics that include healthy eating, foot care and more. Support groups are available to:
    • Participants of the diabetes self-management and education program
    • People diagnosed with pre-diabetes and their loved ones
    • Individuals who are interested in learning more about diabetes

  • Community-based diabetes support: The 6-month diabetes prevention program at Northern Dutchess Hospital is available at no cost and does not require a physician referral. Trained volunteers cover a variety of topics, including healthy eating, blood sugar monitoring and more.