Orthopedic Care

The orthopedic team at Nuvance Health provides a range of nonsurgical and surgical treatments.

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Whether you need a joint replacement, spine surgery or back pain treatment, the orthopedic team can help. We provide noninvasive pain management options, such as steroid injections or physical therapy. We also offer orthopedic surgery, including joint replacements, spine surgeries and robot-assisted procedures.

Robot-Assisted Surgery

Nuvance Health orthopedic surgeons may use a surgical robot to operate with higher degrees of control. Surgeons have complete control of the robot throughout the operation. 

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Orthopedics at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

At Nuvance Health, patients benefit from specialized care in a local setting. A dedicated orthopedic team offers a range of treatments for bone and joint issues. Highlights of our orthopedics program include:

  • National recognition:
    Danbury Hospital, Norwalk Hospital and Northern Dutchess Hospital are all certified Centers of Excellence in total joint replacement through The Joint Commission (TJC). All three are also Institutes of Quality in orthopedic care through Aetna. Danbury Hospital holds additional certification as a Center of Excellence in spine care. These designations highlight just how important it is to us that our patients receive safe, exceptional care.
  • Robot-assisted procedures:
    Orthopedic surgeons perform robot-assisted joint replacements and spine surgeries. These procedures mean surgeons may operate with higher levels of precision with techniques designed to reduce risk of complication. Patients may benefit from less pain, quicker recoveries and shorter hospital stays.
  • A smooth care journey:
    When you schedule an orthopedic surgery, a dedicated patient navigator assists with preparation and throughout recovery. This navigator helps you experience smooth transitions throughout your care.
  • Excellent trauma care:
    Danbury Hospital, Norwalk Hospital and Vassar Brothers Medical Center are all Level II Trauma Centers. We have a 24/7 orthopedic traumatologist to care for patients with urgent orthopedic injuries. If you experience a complicated fracture, this specialist offers you expertise in a location close to home.
  • Optimized outcomes:
    We use an evidence-based protocol called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) to ensure you experience the best possible outcome after surgery. ERAS techniques help you get out of the hospital and back to your usual activities as quickly as possible.