Patient Relations and Patient Experience

At Nuvance Health®, a commitment to serve you as an individual, sets us apart. You receive care with respect and dignity throughout your experience with us, every step of the way. We deliver personalized, compassionate and leading-edge care to meet your unique needs.
woman doctor talks to female patient bedside

Patient Rights

We recognize that you have important rights when it comes to your healthcare. The patient relations team is here to help:

  • Provide patient rights information
  • Advocate for patients' rights and needs
  • Act as a liaison for you and your family
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Mediation, clarification and/or facilitation of communication
  • Ensure an excellent experience
  • Identify opportunities to improve your experience
  • Assist caregivers in meeting patient needs, expectations and concerns
  • Gather data and provide information to staff to improve the patient experiences

Our Commitment to You

We’re here to serve you with respect and care. That means we provide:

  • Timely responses to your needs and concerns
  • Friendly atmosphere of courtesy, concern and respect

Patient and Family Advisory Committees

A commitment to ongoing improvement is a critical mission of Patient and Family Advisory Committees (PFAC), where we put your needs into action across our health network. If you’re passionate about healthcare and have recent experiences with Nuvance Health, we invite you to partner with us as a volunteer. Apply to join a PFAC.

Questions or Concerns?

The patient relations team is here to answer your questions and address any difficulties you may encounter. Turn to us for solutions and support.

Recognize a Caregiver

If you or your loved one had an excellent experience, and want to recognize that special someone, tell us more! We love to hear about staff members who provide skilled and compassionate care each day. Recognize a Caregiver by completing this form.

Express a Concern

We seriously consider all issues regarding your care and continually strive for excellence. If you or your loved one has had a poor experience, please let us know. We appreciate all feedback and will listen and learn from your experience.

To speak with a patient relations representative about your experience at a Nuvance Health hospital, please contact:

For concerns or questions about Nuvance Health Medical Practice and/or The Heart Center, please contact your location directly and ask to speak to the practice manager.