Star Ratings

Star Ratings
At Nuvance Health® our goal is to provide patients with a high-quality experience. To achieve this, we collect feedback on providers and use it to improve patient care. We use an independent patient experience survey company, Professional Research Consultants (PRC), to survey patients after receiving care.

PRC Star Ratings Measure Patient Satisfaction

By using PRC to distribute, collect and quantify feedback, Nuvance Health assures you receive an unbiased rating. Since PRC anonymously surveys patients, you can feel confident that the findings are from verified patient-provider interactions. Sharing ratings and comments on our website demonstrates our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

The reviews empower patients to make the best provider choice for them. Ratings help Nuvance Health providers make improvements that shift the patient care experience for the better. Only providers who see patients in an outpatient setting and who have enough surveys to be statistically valid will display a ranking (the minimum is 30 on a rolling 12-month basis).

How PRC Calculates Star Ratings

PRC’s star rating calculations match the industry standard, allowing consumers to compare provider evaluations across systems. PRC calculates ratings based upon these weighting factors:

  • “Yes Definitely” responses have a weighting factor of 5
  • “Yes Somewhat” responses have a weighting factor of 3
  • “No” responses have a weighting factor of 1

PRC divides the sum of those calculations by the total number of responses to produce the star rating for each question. Nuvance Health ranks the responses of two questions:

  • Did the provider explain things about your health in a way that you could easily understand?
  • Did During your most recent visit did the provider spend enough time with you?

PRC then averages the two questions’ star ratings together (sum of two star ratings, divided by two) to produce the provider’s final star rating.