Back and Spine Surgery

Experienced surgeons offer a range of options for stubborn back pain and complex spine disease.

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Back and spine pain can make it challenging to get through the day. At Nuvance Health®, lasting relief is closer than you may think. You receive care from trusted neurosurgeons.  

We use leading techniques and a team approach to deliver the therapies that help you get much needed relief. We understand the importance of effective care, and how much you want to get back to enjoying your favorite activities. 

Spinal Surgery and Back Pain Relief at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Skilled neurosurgeons, some with additional training in spinal surgery, guide your treatment. The specialists take time to get to know you and your care goals. Highlights of our program include:

  • Appropriate care
    You receive a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the source of your pain. Care may start with testing and physical therapy to help us better understand the problem. These extra steps help you receive a focused diagnosis and appropriate surgical care.
  • Coordination
    Back and spine surgery at Nuvance Health is often a team effort. Neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain management specialists and others meet regularly to discuss complex cases. This teamwork means you receive tailored care for your specific condition, from start to finish.
  • Easy access
    At Nuvance Health, you don’t have to wait to start healing. Physician assistants and advanced practice nurses trained in back and spine care work alongside the neurosurgeons. These specialists make it easier for you to receive a prompt evaluation. The team typically sees new patients within a few business days.

Back and Spine Conditions We Treat

Neurosurgeons treat issues causing chronic back pain as well as common and complex spine issues. These conditions include:

  • Degenerative disc disease, including herniated discs, occurs when the spongy tissue cushioning between your spine bones wears away due to age or an injury
  • Radiculopathy, a pinched nerve in the spine that causes numbness and muscle weakness
  • Sciatica, pain due to issues with the sciatic nerve, which starts in the lower back and runs down the legs
  • Spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spine that put pressure on nerves and other tissue
  • Spinal tumors, abnormal growths that may or may not be cancerous
  • Trauma, severe injuries affecting the spine bones (vertebrae) and spinal cord
Back and Spine Surgery Specialties
  • Complex spinal surgery: Neurosurgeons use advanced methods to care for challenging spinal disorders. Procedures include spinal reconstruction and fusing many vertebrae to improve spine stability.
  • Spinal cord stimulations: This implantable device relieves chronic neck and back pain by delivering gentle electrical currents directly to the spine. Doctors and patients throughout the region put their trust in us because we perform a high volume of these procedures.
  • Spine tumor care: Nuvance Health is among the few places in the region offering spinal tumor embolization. This technique blocks blood flow to tumors, making it safer to remove them surgically. Read more about spine tumors.

Minimally Invasive Back and Spine Surgery

Surgeons use techniques that maximize pain relief while minimizing disruption to healthy tissue. For some procedures, we gently push muscle and other soft tissue out of the way instead of cutting it. These techniques usually lead to a quicker recovery and return to daily activities.

Specialists also use the latest spinal surgery technologies for care that’s gentler on your body. Nuvance Health was among the first programs in the region using a surgical robot to help guide spinal fusion procedures. Care may include GPS-guided navigation to place screws and other surgical hardware the right spot.

Additional Back and Spine Treatments

You also have access to other back and spine procedures. Additional treatments available at Nuvance Health include:

  • Discectomy relieves discomfort from herniated discs by removing the portion of tissue causing your symptoms.
  • Laminectomy relieves compression on the spinal cord by removing a layer of tissue to create more space.
  • Spinal fusion uses surgical-grade hardware to help two or more vertebrae grow together, eliminating movements that cause back pain.
  • Spinal fusion revision surgery corrects complications, such as vertebrae that do not grow together after spinal fusion surgery.
  • Vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty treat small fractures in the vertebrae by filling these spaces with a cement-like substance.
  • Total posterior spine surgery (TOPS™) is an alternative to spinal fusion surgery for certain people with stenosis, spondylolisthesis and related spine conditions in the lower back. The procedure can relieve the debilitating symptoms of these back problems, stabilize the spine and maintain a normal range of motion without fusing the bones of the spine together.

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