Investigator-Initiated Research

Clinicians on the front lines of healthcare have unique insight and expertise, making them particularly well-suited to the identification and cultivation of meaningful research. Our team works to facilitate this scholarly work.

Evidence-Based Care

Nuvance Health® measures clinical outcomes, which capture how a patient feels, functions, or survives. Analyzing these outcomes helps us uncover the most effective treatment options for all types of conditions and address health inequities among patients of different backgrounds.


For example, we can measure the cardiac procedures that help patients with specific heart conditions live longer. Or we can compare how well various orthopedic procedures, such as joint replacements, function over time. This information helps guide our clinical practices and contributes to the body of knowledge for our medical peers..


Researchers also assess the health care delivery system and pull our findings into clinical practice to improve patient care. As a major health network, we have access to a broad, diverse patient population, so these findings can make an even greater impact.

Clinician-Led Research

Clinicians interact with patients, so they have a window into important topics that need research. Nuvance Health offers investigator-initiated research opportunities that encourage clinicians to shape the future of patient care.


Investigator-initiated research allows care providers to pursue independent inquiry in their area of interest and make their mark on the field. Clinicians publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals and share them within leading medical associations in their specialties.