Thoracic Surgery

Count on us for leading-edge procedures and a recognized thoracic surgery team, close to home.

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The Nuvance Health® thoracic surgery team provides comprehensive, innovative options for diseases of the lung, esophagus, mediastinum, trachea and chest wall.

Thoracic surgeons specialize in treating common, complex or chronic conditions–from hiatal hernia to lung cancer to myasthenia gravis.

Thoracic Surgery: Why Choose Us?

The skilled, board-certified surgeons at Nuvance Health offer:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
    Surgeons perform advanced lung and airway procedures through small incisions. They offer da Vinci® robotic-assisted surgery and VATS (video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery). These procedures may provide greater precision, reduced healing time and a faster recovery.
  • Excellent care
    Nuvance Health measure the success of our program by our results. To ensure patients receive quality outcomes, we voluntarily report results to the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). The STS assesses surgical outcomes and benchmarks them against other top programs. Danbury Hospital has achieved a distinguished three-star rating from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) for its lung cancer resection outcomes, the highest quality rating possible.
  • Access
    You have access to specialized expertise close to your home, including a nationally recognized thoracic surgeon that leads the Nuvance Health surgical team. Having access to experienced surgeons means you won’t sacrifice quality for convenience.

Lung and Chest Surgery Services

Nuvance Health offers surgery for many common conditions, including:

Lung cancer

Surgery may be the right choice for early stage lung cancer. To treat lung cancer, surgeons use minimally invasive techniques to remove part (segmentectomy) or an entire section (lobectomy) of the lung.

Hiatal hernia

Surgery may be necessary to repair a hiatal hernia. Nuvance Health surgeons correct hiatal hernias in a less invasive manner, which may result in a faster, smoother recovery.

Esophageal cancer

When your provider diagnoses esophageal cancer early, surgeons may be able to remove the tumor using open and minimally invasive techniques.


Specialists offer a range of surgical procedures, helping you find the right treatment option for acid reflux. With most procedures, you’ll have less pain and fewer complications, returning to your normal activities faster.

Myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia gravis is a chronic disorder that causes muscle weakness and pain. In addition to nonsurgical treatments, surgeons may remove the thymus gland through small incisions using robot-assisted procedures.

Pectus excavatum

Patients with moderate-to-severe signs of pectus excavatum, also known as funnel chest, have access to less-invasive surgical correction. This chest wall disorder is present at birth and may worsen over time, causing the chest to appear sunken.