Airway Center

Advanced, Skilled Care for Complex Airway Conditions

At Nuvance Health® Airway Center, skilled surgeons and lung specialists, led by a nationally recognized thoracic surgeon, use an advanced approach. They treat complex airway disorders such as airway narrowing (tracheal stenosis), airway trauma, tumors and inflammatory diseases of the airway.

Care for Narrowed Airways: Why Choose Us?

Nuvance Health offers specialized services, including:

  • Advanced treatment options
    Specialists use a range of innovative techniques to diagnose and treat airway disorders. Depending on your specific needs, we use heat energy (thermal treatments), freezing treatments (cryotherapy), stenting and endoscopic surgery.
  • Comprehensive, personalized care
    Managing complex airway disorders requires a team approach. Thoracic surgeons collaborate with other specialists including head and neck and ear, nose and throat surgeons, pulmonologists and respiratory therapists. This collaboration ensures you receive a personalized treatment plan.

Specialized Treatments

Count on Nuvance Health surgeons and physicians for treatments that make breathing easier:

Endoscopic treatment

Your surgical team will use less invasive methods to treat airway stenosis. They insert a small video camera (endoscope) to visualize the trachea and the region of the disease. This approach helps to avoid a large neck incision and possible complications of open surgery.

Tissue removal for tracheal stenosis

The surgery team uses heat modalities such as laser photocoagulation and electrocautery to remove scar tissue that causes airway narrowing. They are leaders in the use of spray cryotherapy to treat airway stenosis. With cryotherapy, surgeons deliver liquid nitrogen to flash freeze and remodel the tissue that restricts the airway. Surgeons prefer cryotherapy for noncancerous (benign) stenosis. Specialists may use spray cryotherapy in combination with using a balloon to widen the airway (balloon dilation).

Stenting narrowed airways

Your surgeon may use a stent to open narrowed airways caused by cancer. These mini scaffolds are made of silicone or metal. Your surgeon places them through endoscopic surgery to hold the airway open.