Colorectal Surgery

Experienced, caring surgeons who perform minimally invasive procedures for colon and rectal diseases, close to home.

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Colorectal surgeons on the medical staff of Nuvance Health® hospitals focus on treating all disorders of the small intestine, colon, rectum and anus. Whether you just received a diagnosis of colorectal cancer or have complications from inflammatory bowel disease, we offer quality, renowned care at Nuvance Health.

Robotic Surgery

Our surgeons are skilled in using the latest robotic-assisted technology to treat a variety of colorectal conditions. Benefits of robotic surgery smaller incisions and scars and fewer complications, letting you return more quickly to your daily life. 

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Colorectal Surgery: Why Choose Us?

We have a team dedicated to helping you get excellent results and a healthy quality of life, whatever your condition. We provide:

  • Less-invasive procedures
    A team of skilled surgeons often use minimally invasive techniques, including advanced robotic and laparoscopic procedures. We offer sphincter-sparing surgery, which preserves function while removing a tumor or diseased intestine.
  • Advanced techniques
    Nuvance Health offers Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), an innovative method of treating advanced cancers of the appendix, colon and stomach. Surgeons circulate heated chemotherapy around organs to destroy microscopic cancer cells.
  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
    This evidence-based team approach helps patients recover quicker from surgery and have less pain without relying on opioid pain medication.
  • Comprehensive Services
    A team including physician assistants and nurse practitioners is dedicated to patient care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Nuvance Health has a full-time nurse to help patients with ostomy (waste collection) needs at home and in the hospital.

Specialized Colon and Rectal Services

Colorectal surgeons offer unique services for common to complex conditions, including:


Specialists perform a range of surgical hemorrhoid treatments, including rubber band ligation and sclerotherapy. They also perform the THD® Doppler surgery, an innovative minimally invasive outpatient procedure that may reduce pain and offer a faster recovery.

Inflammatory bowel diseases

Surgery for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease may help patients improve their quality of life. In some cases, surgery can be lifesaving. For ulcerative colitis, surgeons offer the J-pouch surgery, which restores bowel function, avoiding the need for a permanent ostomy.

Colorectal cancer

Surgeons offer laparoscopic and robotic techniques for all colorectal cancers, including transanal removal of cancerous and noncancerous tumors of the anus and rectum. The transanal approach uses instruments passed through the rectum and requires no incision but offers quicker recovery.

Anal fissures

Anal fissures can be small or deep tears in the lower end of the intestines (anus). If an anal fissure doesn’t heal on its own or nonsurgical treatments don’t help, surgery may be an effective option.

Anal cancer

For early stage cancers, the surgical team removes tumors while preserving the anal sphincter muscles, which control bowel movements. When chemotherapy or radiation hasn’t worked for advanced anal cancer, we may have surgical options.


Diverticulitis occurs when small pouches in your colon, called diverticula, become inflamed. When medication doesn’t relieve severe pain or other symptoms, surgery can help. The surgical team removes affected parts of the colon using robotic surgery or laparoscopic techniques.