Motor Vehicle Safety

If You Experience a Motor Vehicle-Related Injury, Dial 911 or Visit Your Local Emergency Department.

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Each year, around 40,000 people die from motor vehicle crashes. Nearly 4,000 teens lose their lives to preventable collisions, and half of those deaths result from not wearing a seat belt. Nuvance Health® offers a program to help teen drivers and passengers make safer choices.

Car Safety for Teens

Impaired or reckless driving is the #1 cause of teen deaths, resulting in 400,000 serious injuries. Nuvance Health partners with Impact Teen Drivers to promote a distraction-free driving culture. Through the program, Nuvance Health:

  • Raises awareness among teens about the impact of impaired or distracted driving
  • Partners with high schools, driving schools, law enforcement agencies and other parties to spread safety information
  • Promotes better choices while traveling in a car as a passenger or a driver

Teen Auto Safety: Contact Us

You can follow Impact Teen Drivers on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Contact us about this enlightening program and how we can help your group of teens drive distraction-free:


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(845) 797-6768

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