Bleeding Control

Save a Life with STOP THE BLEED.

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Hemorrhage (bleeding) is the second-leading cause of traumatic death after brain injury. Up to half of bleeding-related deaths occur before someone reaches the hospital.

Nuvance Health® gives bystanders tools to help control bleeding following an accident. We partner with the Bleeding Control Organization, which started the STOP THE BLEED® campaign.

Learn How to Stop the Bleed

Uncontrolled bleeding can occur when people are in serious accidents, disasters or shooting events. With training from STOP THE BLEED, you can learn to save a life. Find a STOP THE BLEED course near you, and remember after calling 911, you can use these steps to control bleeding:

  • Use your hands to apply pressure
  • Pack a wound and maintain pressure
  • Apply a tourniquet


All Nuvance Health hospitals offer emergency services for individuals who experience bleeding.



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STOP THE BLEED bases their content on advances made in military medicine, plus research in hemorrhage control.


To schedule a class for your group, please contact Jill Bubel or Carey Clarkson.