Specialized Therapies

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, we provide specialized rehabilitation therapies to promote comfort and healing.

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When a medical or health issue impacts your well-being, we’re here to help. At Nuvance Health®, you find a team of specialized rehabilitation therapists with the training and experience to help you feel better.

Specialized Rehabilitation Therapy at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

When you’re recovering from an illness or surgery, we understand you want care that addresses your concerns, close to home. The skilled therapists at Nuvance Health offer individualized attention and advanced techniques to give you as much relief as possible.

Specialized Training, Personalized Care

At Nuvance Health, you find a range of therapies provided by certified brain injury, hand, orthopedic, and lymphedema specialists. The skilled team also includes trained vestibular dysfunction rehab therapists. You receive experienced care from a team dedicated to your well-being. Treatment and diagnostic programs vary. Find a Rehabilitation Services Location.

A Versatile Range of Specialized Rehab Therapies

Find the right therapy for your health concern, with advanced methods and compassionate support. We provide options for the relief you need at convenient locations close to home, including:

Bariatric and weight loss surgery: We create individualized exercise programs for people who are preparing for or who have had bariatric surgery. Learn more about bariatric and weight loss surgery.

Rehabilitation support for cancer treatment: We offer services to relieve discomfort from the complications and side effects of cancer treatment. Options include lymphedema treatment to relieve swelling and oncology rehab (cancer therapies) to help with side effects of cancer treatment. Learn more about our Cancer Institute.

Cardiovascular and pulmonary specialized rehab care: Participate in individualized exercise programs to restore your body’s strength and function. Skilled therapists work closely with you after a heart attack or other cardiac, lung and respiratory issues. Learn more about our Heart and Vascular Institute or pulmonary services.

Skilled therapy for women’s health issues: You receive pelvic rehab therapy for issues such as urinary incontinence or pain. We also deliver therapies for concerns related to pregnancy and postpartum care. Learn more about Women’s Health services.

Neurological therapy for brain injury and stroke: We create individualized programs for people who have experienced a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). You also find services for vestibular issues (related to the inner ear and brain), such as vertigo and difficulty balancing.

Innovative Parkinson’s disease treatments: We use programs such as LSVT® BIG and LOUD and Speak Out to provide you added support. These therapies may improve speech and movement for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions. Learn more about the Neurosciences Institute.

Additional Specialized Rehab Therapists to Meet Your Needs

You find a wide variety of treatments at Nuvance Health to help you meet your health goals. We also offer:

  • Hand therapy: Skilled hand therapists work with you to help reduce pain and restore function. We treat fractures, tendonitis, amputations, arthritis, repetitive stress, nerve injuries and more. You receive care that aims to promote healing and prevent future injuries.
  • Audiology care: At Norwalk Hospital, you may receive a hearing evaluation as well as hearing aids. We provide hearing rehabilitation for all ages, starting at birth.
  • Aquatic therapy: Therapists at the Danbury Hospital location help you explore rehabilitative exercises in the water. This method is easy on the joints, which may allow you to begin rehabilitation earlier and heal more quickly.
  • Medical fitness program: You access individual and group exercise programs at Danbury Hospital. In the fitness gym or pool, exercise physiologists customize a program that meets your needs.
  • Low vision services: This program at Danbury Hospital helps treat patients with low vision (vision that cannot be corrected by ordinary glasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery).

Driver Rehabilitation to Help You on Your Way

If you or someone you love is concerned about the ability to drive, make Nuvance Health your destination for driver rehabilitation. The program supports those dealing with aging, disability or medical conditions.

Dedicated occupational therapists who specialize in driver rehabilitation conduct a thorough evaluation. We then provide recommendations and additional training, as needed.

The program is offered at at Northern Dutchess Hospital and Norwalk Hospital locations. A valid license and the completion of the Nuvance Health medical referral form by your medical provider are required.