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Patient Resources

  • Patient portals

    Stay connected with us through the MyNuvanceHealth patient portals.

    Patient Portals

  • Billing and insurance

    View the list of insurances we accept and get your billing questions answered.

    Billing and Insurance

  • Patient Financial Assistance

    If you are uninsured, underinsured or need help paying your hospital bills, we may be able to help.

    Financial Assistance

Medical Records Request

Need to request your medical records?

Submit a request online or complete and sign the authorization for the release of information form, then fax to (203) 749-9000 or e-mail

Contact the Norwalk Hospital Medical Record Department at (203) 852-2320 Monday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm.

For additional information about medical records, click here.


  • Additional forms and details 

    If copies of your records are going directly to a physician or hospital, there is no charge.  If copies are being sent directly to you, there is a fee of 12 cents per page. An additional form is required to obtain records for a deceased patient. Please find additional forms below:

  • Requesting an amendment to your medical record(s)

    If you identify that information in your medical record is incorrect, please submit a completed request to amend health information form. Include your current address and phone number.


    Patient Request to Amend Health Information (PDF)

    Fax or mail form to:
    The Summit
    100 Reserve Road
    Danbury, CT 06810
    Attn: Health Information Management    
    Fax: (203) 749-9000

Giving at Norwalk Hospital

Norwalk Hospital relies on community support to continue our tradition of delivering dedicated patient care, research and community outreach in the region. We offer many ways to give and all gifts, no matter the size, are tax-deductible.

Price Transparency and Cost Estimator Tools

Nuvance Health hospitals offer easy-to-access cost estimator tools for certain hospital items and services. These price lists comply with new federal government regulations aimed at increasing healthcare transparency for consumers. We know understanding medical bills can be difficult. We're here to help.
Volunteer at Norwalk Hospital

Volunteers are a key member of the Norwalk Hospital care team. From patient transport and bedside visits to behind-the-scenes administrative support, volunteers provide a vital service for our patients and their families, staff and community.

  • Volunteer Opportunities     

    We welcome caring individuals to join our team. Matching the right volunteer to the right position is essential to the success of our program.


    To ensure a successful volunteer experience, we make an effort to find or create volunteer opportunities that match your interests. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

    • Emergency Department: Work closely with the Emergency Department leadership and staff to provide support services to staff, patients and their families.
    • Music Therapy: Volunteers trained in the clinical use of music to accomplish individualized goals such as reducing stress, improving mood and self-expression.
    • Volunteer Transport: Assist staff and families in various departments to help transport patients throughout clinical areas of the hospital. Transport volunteers may also wheel discharged patients from their rooms to patient pickup areas.
    • Gift Shop: Greet and assist customers and staff within our gift shop.  Our gift shop volunteers also work with staff to help keep the store maintained and organized.  Volunteers also perform point of sale transactions, while providing excellent customer service.
    • Patient Care Areas: Assist a variety of departments with delivering kind, compassionate care to our patients, guests and staff.
    • Clerical Support: Assist office staff across several departments within the hospital.. These volunteers help staff with clerical duties including filing, copying and faxing, answering phones, data entry, and greeting visitors.
    • Art and Hospitality Cart: Our hospitality and art cart volunteers are vital in bringing genuine joy to our patients. Volunteers assist by bringing art supplies and projects to patients within different departments.
    • Goldstone Caregiver Coach: Caregiver Coaches work to provide support to the caregivers of patients throughout the hospital and encourage them to engage in self-care, with the goal of reducing caregiver stress. Our Caregiver Coaches are compassionate, empathetic and self-reflective individuals who are comfortable with providing support to caregivers in need. While personal and/or professional caregiving experience has been helpful in enhancing the empathy of those who become Caregiver Coaches, it is not a requirement.
    • Patient to Patient, Family to Family Emotional Support Volunteer: Peer-to-peer supporters are people who have “been there.” They are empathetic and compassionate, working with those who have similar life circumstances to their own. Although the experience of one person can never be exactly the same experience as another, having someone to relate to can be incredibly supportive and reassuring. A peer-to-peer supporter, using the appropriate skills, can help an individual navigate their health journey from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.
    • Pet Therapy: This program welcomes volunteers whose dogs are qualified with an approved organization (Good Dog Foundation, Therapy Dogs International and Pet Partners) to engage with patients and staff throughout the hospital. Volunteers must be 18 years or older to participate and able to commit to at least three visits per month.
  • How to Become a Volunteer  

    We carefully screen all volunteers before processing and placing them in appropriate assignments. Our process includes:

    Medical clearance: 

    • A two-step PPD Skin Test (completed at your PCP or for free at Employee Health Services within Norwalk Hospital); or may provide proof of negative Quantiferon blood test within 30 days of starting.
    • Proof of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) immunity, in the form of two vaccines or a positive blood titer test. 
    • Proof of Varicella (chicken pox) immunity in the form of two vaccines or a positive blood titer test.  We also accept two doses of the Shingles vaccine in lieu of Varicella vaccination.
    • Annual Influenza Vaccine Proof
    • Documentation of COVID-19 Vaccination and booster(s).  Must be double vaccinated and boosted.
    • Health Assessment signed by physician, proving that the volunteer is free and clear of communicable disease.
    • Compliance clearance, fulfilled through completion of forms and attestations
    • Interview with the Manager of Volunteer Resources and Volunteer Coordinator
    • Reference checks
    • Criminal background check
    • Attendance at a mandatory training/orientation

    Please contact Courtney Brown, Volunteer Coordinator at Norwalk Hospital at or (203) 852-2023 to learn more.



    Adult Volunteer

    Student Volunteer (under 18)

Board of Directors
  • Norwalk Hospital Board of Directors 

    Amy Ahasic, MD
    Sean Armstrong
    Patricia Bam
    Susan Beyman, Vice Chair
    Peter Campbell
    Pablo D. Colon, III, Chair
    Peter R. Cordeau, President (ex-officio)
    James N. Dimonekas
    Leonard M. DiNardo
    Thomas I.H. Dubin,
    Karen Gottlieb
    MaryGrace Gudis
    Peter Herbert
    Danielle Robinson, PhD
    Susan G. Weinberger, Ed.D.
    Michael L. Witherspoon

    Dan DeBarba, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Nuvance Health
    Jean Hammel, MD, Chief of Staff
    Leslie Lincoln, Chief Nursing Officer, Norwalk Hospital
    Aaron Lund, Senior Associate General Counsel, Nuvance Health
    Jason Orlinick, MD, VPMA, Chair of Medicine
    Steve Papp, Vice President, Operations
    Daryl Story, MD, President of Medical Staff, Norwalk Hospital
    Brian Wyatt, Secretary, Chief Legal Officer, Nuvance Health

  • Norwalk Hospital Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors     

    Amy Ahasic, MD
    Carol Kachmarck
    Kristin McKinney
    Javed Shahid, MD, Chair
    Jennifer Toll, Vice Chair

    Grace Linhard, Chief Development Officer
    Brian Wyatt, Secretary
    Dan DeBarba, Treasurer