Family Birthing Center at Norwalk Hospital

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At Nuvance Health® Norwalk Hospital, we have experienced doctors, certified nurse midwives and a range of holistic birthing options. We prioritize comfort and support for your whole family.

Family Birthing Center at Norwalk Hospital: Why choose us?

Where you give birth is a big decision. For many women, it’s a priority to find a birthing center that provides excellent care in an environment that feels like home. At Norwalk Hospital, doctors, advanced practice providers and nurses offer quality services with warmth and empathy. Highlights of our maternity services include:

  • Care from specialists
    We are the only location in the region that offers certified nurse midwife services. The birthing center also has an obstetrics & gynecology  doctor on-site 24/7, so if your doctor is not available quickly, they can step in to provide the care you need. Women who have high-risk pregnancies have access to full-time maternal-fetal medicine specialists. If your baby is born premature or experiences birth complications, we provide care in our Level III NICU through our alliance with Connecticut Children’s, a nationally ranked pediatric health system.
  • Comfort and privacy
    Each of our maternity rooms is private and our maternity center has a private, accessible entry. We prioritize patient comfort and experience with a twice daily coffee and catering delivered to your room. And we offer a celebration meal before you take your baby home.
  • Lactation support
    Lactation consultants run a postpartum support group to help new moms through the “fourth trimester.” They also provide complimentary lactation consultation services.

What is a Certified Nurse Midwife?

Certified nurse midwives are healthcare providers who offer a range of women’s services–including labor and delivery support. Often, women who choose midwifery services want to have as much of a natural childbirth as possible. Some of the benefits of partnering with a midwife for your labor and delivery include:

  • Decreased risk of needing a cesarean section
  • Increased satisfaction with your birth experience
  • Lower risk of third- and fourth-degree vaginal tears
  • Reduced use of epidurals or anesthesia
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Maternity services we provide

At Norwalk Hospital, we offer a range of maternity services, including:

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