Maternity at Putnam Hospital

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Nuvance Health™ Putnam Hospital provides a range of maternity services. We prioritize keeping you safe and comfortable as you welcome your new baby.

Maternity at Putnam Hospital: Why Choose Us?

Where you choose to give birth can shape your birth experience. At Putnam Hospital, the specialists in the maternity center offer individualized, family-centered care. You have access to a range of specialized birthing classes, holistic birth options and resources for your whole family. Highlights of the maternity services at Putnam Hospital include:

  • Midwifery services:
    Certified nurse midwives support and care for women throughout labor and delivery. Many women who want a more natural birth experience choose to partner with the certified nurse midwives in our birth center.
  • Individualized attention:
    Many of the nurses at our birthing center have been at Putnam Hospital for 20 years or more. They have rich experience in caring for maternity patients and newborn babies. A one-to-one nurse-to-patient ratio means you experience individualized care and build a relationship with your care team.
  • Family-centered care:
    We have a private operating suite for cesarean births and provide space for your support person to stay overnight. Some of our specialized prenatal classes include education for siblings and grandparents.
  • Specialized breastfeeding support:
    Through our partnership with the New York State Department of Health, we offer specialized breastfeeding classes and instructors.
What Is a Certified Nurse Midwife?

Certified nurse midwives are healthcare providers who offer a range of women’s healthcare services. Certified nurse midwives provide care during the prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum periods.

Often, women who choose midwifery services want to have as much of a natural childbirth as possible. Benefits of choosing a midwife can include:

  • Lower chances of a cesarean birth
  • Higher rates of satisfaction with your labor and delivery
  • Lower rates of vaginal tears, especially third- and fourth-degree tears
  • Decreased use of spinal anesthesia

Maternity Services We Provide

At Putnam Hospital, we offer a range of maternity services, including:

  • Certified nurse midwives
  • Childbirth classes and support services
  • Lactation support
  • Newborn safety and security systems
  • Private cesarean operating suites
  • Private maternity rooms and postpartum suites

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