Family Birthing Center at Danbury Hospital

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Families have access to a range of maternity services at Nuvance Health® Danbury Hospital. In-house doulas, lactation support services, holistic birth options and maternal-fetal medicine specialists are just a few examples of our maternity care options.

 Family Birthing Center at Danbury Hospital: Why choose us?

At Danbury Hospital, we are committed to keeping you and your baby safe, healthy and as comfortable as possible. The birthing center at Danbury Hospital is a Level III maternity center, meaning that if you have a high-risk pregnancy or birth complications, we can care for you. We know each birth is special and unique. We aim to make our birth center environment as home-like as possible, even while housing medical technology. We recently renovated our birthing center to create an even more comfortable environment for families. Additional highlights of our birthing center include:

  • Care for high-risk patients
    If you have pregnancy risks, we provide maternal-fetal medicine services from specialists trained in high-risk pregnancies.
  • Specialized care for newborns
    If your baby is born premature or experiences birth complications, we provide care in our Level III NICU through our alliance with Connecticut Children’s, a nationally ranked pediatric health system. All our nurses are certified in electronic fetal monitoring, so you feel at ease knowing you are in skilled hands.
  • Access to doulas
    We are the only Nuvance Hospital with an on-site doula program. Doulas are available for extra support during your labor and delivery.
  • Lactation support
    Every weekday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can reach a specialized lactation consultant through a dedicated phone line. These specialists answer questions and offer breastfeeding support and guidance.
  • Comfort and privacy
    Each of our maternity rooms is a private room with an attached bathroom. Your birth partner also has space to stay overnight, so your whole family can be involved in the delivery experience.
  • Holistic laboring options
    We provide birthing tubs for laboring and wireless monitoring options. If you want more pain management, our anesthesiologists (pain specialists) provide 24/7 care.

What is a doula?

Doulas are professionally trained birth coaches and support partners. These specialists encourage and empower women throughout labor and delivery. They have specialized training to support women both physically and emotionally. Birthing with the support of a doula is associated with:

  • Decreased postpartum depression
  • Increased satisfaction with the childbirth experience
  • Reduced chances of needing a cesarean birth
  • Shorter hospital stays

Important forms and resources

For your convenience, we have provided downloadable forms and important resources for your labor and delivery:

Maternity services we offer

At Danbury Hospital, women and families have access to:

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