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  • Patient Portals

    Stay connected with us through the MyNuvanceHealth patient portals.

    Patient Portals

  • Billing and Insurance

    View the list of insurances we accept and get your billing questions answered.

    Billing and Insurance

  • Patient Financial Assistance

    If you are uninsured, underinsured or need help paying your hospital bills, we may be able to help.

    Financial Assistance

Medical Records Request

Need to request your medical records? Complete and sign the Authorization for Release of Information form, then fax to (845) 278-5642 or e-mail NVHReleaseofInformation@nuvancehealth.orgCall Us: (845) 279-5046.

Giving at Putnam Hospital

Putnam Hospital relies on community support to continue our tradition of delivering dedicated patient care, research and community outreach in the region. We offer many ways to give and all gifts, no matter the size, are tax-deductible.
Price Transparency and Cost Estimator Tools

As of January 1, 2021, Nuvance Health hospitals post current charges for certain hospital items and services on our web site. These easy-to-access online price lists comply with new federal government regulations aimed at increasing healthcare transparency for consumers.


Understanding the price lists

You’ll see two types of charges: gross and negotiated. Gross charges are undiscounted fees (standard charges or list prices) for items or services that are billed to all patients, regardless of insurance. These fees cover procedures, services, drugs and supplies associated with the delivery of medical care. Negotiated charges are prices that the hospital has negotiated with third parties and that insurance companies have agreed to pay. In addition, consumer charges for “shoppable” services refers to services that can be planned in advance such as a colonoscopy or mammogram. These types of services are typically performed on an outpatient basis. All of these fees cover the total cost of delivering healthcare to you. They will be updated each year as service offerings change.


What you’ll pay

Your actual charges for services (out-of-pocket expense) depends on the specific services you receive, which are often not planned in advance, and any insurance coverage or benefits. We work with you to provide an estimate of your charges and to review your payment responsibilities and options. Insurance companies negotiate discounts for their members. If you are insured, your out-of-pocket costs may be less. When choosing a healthcare provider, you should consider other factors in addition to cost, such as quality, reputation, convenience and access to services. We are committed to providing high quality, personalized healthcare. If additional information is required for assistance with estimating your total bill, please contact (845) 475-9940 or TTY (800) 421-1220.


Volunteer at Putnam Hospital

Due to COVID-19, volunteer opportunities are limited at this time. Contact John Mahoney, Manager, Volunteer Services at John.Mahoney@NuvanceHealth.org or (845) 230-4752 to learn more.

Volunteers are a valued and essential part of Putnam Hospital. Our volunteer team is made up of over 250 generous and talented individuals who give their time to make a difference to patients, families and hospital staff.

  • Volunteer opportunities

    We offer a range of volunteer opportunities and welcome you to join our team. We take time to meet with prospective volunteers to review possible opportunities. Matching the right volunteer to the right position is essential to the success of our program.

    To ensure a successful volunteer experience, we make an effort to find or create volunteer opportunities that match your interests.

  • How to become a volunteer
    We offer adult and junior volunteer opportunities. Junior volunteers must be at least 16 years of age. Contact us to learn more about applying.
  • Putnam Hospital Auxiliary
    Another great way to serve is to join the Putnam Hospital Auxiliary. Since its inception in 1963, the Auxiliary has raised over $8 million. The Auxiliary sponsors fundraising through the PHC Gift Shop and Eagle Eye Thrift Shop Brewster. Contact us to join the Auxiliary.
Board of Directors
  • Putnam Hospital Board of Directors

    Peter Berger, MD

    John Peter Collins

    Joseph DeMarzo

    Raymond C. Durkin

    Roman Dworecki, MD 

    Karen L. Fleming

    Mark K. Hirko, MD, FACS, President

    Kenneth Kearney

    Jerry J. Klein

    Matthew T. Marrone, First Vice Chair

    Loretta L. Molinari

    Marjorie L. Nichols Keith

    Jeffrey J. Redfield

    Wayne Ryder, Chair

    Robert A. Waegelein

  • Putnam Hospital Foundation Board of Directors


    Barbara Barr-Volz
    Corrinne DiVestea
    Kevin Dwyer, Chair
    Lawrence Fryer
    Joseph Roberto
    Joseph J. Smith
    Karl Thimm, Vice Chair


    Grace Linhard, Chief Development Officer
    Carolyn McKenna, Secretary
    Steven Rosenberg, Treasurer