Putnam Hospital Transformation

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Putnam Hospital Transformation

Putnam Hospital is undergoing a series of exciting changes to expand primary and specialty care. To ensure a vibrant future, these enhancements will modernize the campus and services to meet the needs of the community you call home.

Our latest updates are listed below (as of January 2023).

Women’s Health

  • Nuvance Health Medical Practices Obstetrics/Gynecology (OB/GYN) offices at Putnam Hospital is now seeing patients on the hospital campus  
  • After renovations, the maternity unit is expected to reopen on January 24
  • Laborists are now onsite to provide 24/7 coverage to women in labor. Laborists are OB/GYNs who specialize in caring for women in labor and delivering babies. 
  • System leadership (Linus Chuang, MD and Elizabeth Lucal, MD) are now seeing patients at Putnam Hospital with additional new providers expected to join later in the year
  • New York Children’s Medical Provider Services, P.C., a specialist group associated with Connecticut Children’s, to provide neonatal/pediatric coverage of labor and delivery 

Primary Care

  • We are expanding access to primary care in our region, including at Nuvance Health Medical Practice in Fishkill 


Surgical Services

  • Welcomed General Surgeon Richard Newman, MD
  • Welcomed General and Bariatrics Surgeon Roberto Arias, MD
  • The surgeons' offices are at Nuvance Health Medical Practice in Carmel. Their permanent office will be onsite at Putnam Hospital in 2023 
  • Northwell Anesthesiology will begin providing anesthesiology services in January 2023


Cancer Institute

  • Welcomed a new Medical Oncologist who will start seeing patients in April 2023
  • Welcomed Ryan Swan, MD and Michael Minarich, MD, both hepatobiliary surgeons, now seeing patients onsite at Putnam Hospital
  • Colorectal Surgeon Marc Casasanta, MD seeing patients onsite


Behavioral Health


Heart and Vascular Institute

  • Richard Kaplon, MD is seeing patients for pre- and post-operative care at Putnam Hospital. Dr. Kaplon is Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Nuvance Health's Danbury Hospital



  • Introduced new Vice President of Medical Affairs, Keyur Ajbani, MD Chief Nursing Officer, Anne Gaya-Ngowe at the end of 2022



  • Manager hired
  • Construction and equipment enhancements ongoing



  • Continued focus on investing in the facilities and infrastructure at Putnam Hospital for patient care


Emergency Department

  • In fall 2022, Putnam Hospital launched the ED Nursing Residency Program. This one-year program trains nursing graduates in emergency care. Five RN-graduates are currently enrolled
  • Maintaining emergency care 24/7/365