Putnam Hospital Transformation

Join us on our journey as we enhance Putnam Hospital

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Putnam Hospital is undergoing a series of exciting changes to expand primary and specialty care. To ensure a vibrant future, these enhancements will modernize the campus and services to meet the needs of the community you call home.
Putnam Hospital Transformation

Our latest updates are listed below (a
s of March 2024).

Women’s Health

  • Celebrated one year of the Birthing Center reopening in January 2024
  • Rapid growth in GYN/GYN ONC referrals
  • Welcomed Laura Twist, MD, an OB/GYN, in August 2023
  • Welcomed Helen Na-Chuang, MD, an OB/GYN, in September 2023
  • Gynecologic oncology services started in April 2023 with Linus Chuang, MD, network system chair of OB/GYN, seeing patients at Putnam Hospital.
  • Gynecologic oncology surgical services started in June 2023
  • Nuvance Health Medical Practice OB/GYN at Putnam Hospital is now seeing patients on the hospital campus, suite 110.
  • New York Children’s Medical Provider Services, P.C., a specialist group associated with Connecticut Children’s, to provide neonatal/pediatric coverage of labor and delivery. 

Primary Care

Surgical Services

  • Welcomed General and Bariatric Surgeon Craig Floch, MD, in January 2024
  • Welcomed General Surgeon Shani Fruchter, DO, in January 2024
  • Surgical subspecialty offices at Putnam Hospital (hepatobiliary, surgical oncology and bariatrics) opened in spring 2023
  • Welcomed General and Bariatrics Surgeon Roberto Arias, MD in late 2022. His practice continues to grow and he is seeing patients in both Carmel and Fishkill
  • The surgeons’ offices are at Putnam Hospital in suite 110
  • Northwell Anesthesiology providing anesthesiology services since January 2023

Cancer Institute

  • Welcomed Lev Davidson, MD in March 2023. His practice continues to grow.
  • Anticipate infusion center reopening in late spring 2024
  • Received permit approvals to relocate oncology practice. The whole practice will be relocated to the ground floor in late spring of 2024 to have continuity in medical oncology, radiation oncology and infusion. 

Behavioral Health

  • Welcomed Patient Care Manager Christopher Rumsey in November 2023
  • Plans underway to expand Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Instituted Behavioral Health Nursing Residency Program in January 2023. Nursing graduates have been hired.
  • Welcomed Vikram Duvvi, MD as Medical Director

Heart and Vascular Institute


  • Welcomed Quality Director, Catherine Lane in January 2024
  • Welcomed Financial Planning Director Jesse Fortes in January 2024
  • Welcomed Regional Vice President of Finance for New York Brenda Farrell 


  • Marked growth in scope and volume of services in both basic core lab and phlebotomy needs.
  • Welcomed Suja Abraham as Laboratory Manager
  • Construction and equipment enhancements completed in April 2023. Received full state of certification upon completion.


  • Continued focus on investing in the facilities and infrastructure at Putnam Hospital for patient care.
  • Improvements to helipad completed

Emergency Department

  • Welcomed ED/Critical Care Patient Care Manager John Fisher in February 2024
  • We continue to collaborate with EMS leadership regarding hospital infrastructure improvements and programmatic expansion
  • In 2022, Putnam Hospital instituted the ED Nursing Residency Program. Great success in hiring graduates.
  • Maintaining emergency care 24/7/365 

Outpatient Rehabilitation 

  • Welcomed Regional Director of Outpatient Rehabilitation Catherine Leonard in October 2023
  • We offer comprehensive services including speech, occupational and physical therapies in the hospital and at three satellite locations including in Katonah, Jefferson Valley and Pawling.

Imaging and Radiology

  • Welcomed Director of Radiology Paul King in December 2023
  • We offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient imaging services including mammography, ultrasound, interventional radiology, CT scans, MRI and PET scans.

Neuroscience Institute

  • Putnam Hospital received stroke certification from the American Heart Association in March 2023.

Digestive Health Institute

  • Welcomed Nuvance Health Gastroenterologist Daniel Kaufman, MD, in November 2023
  • Plans underway to expand OR services