Mammography and Breast Imaging

With conveniently located breast imaging services, we make it easier to take good care of yourself.

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Nuvance Health provides full-service breast imaging centers. Whether it’s an annual mammogram, diagnostic test or biopsy, we offer convenient, timely access. Experienced radiologists and imaging technologists deliver a range of breast imaging services, with comfort and compassion. Find a location.

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Breast Imaging Recognition

Many Nuvance Health locations have earned recognition, including:

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National Accreditation Program For Breast Centers (NAPBC®) Designation


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American College Of Radiology (ACR®) Breast Imaging Center Of Excellence Designation   

Mammography at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Skilled technologists take extra steps to put you at ease during scans and related procedures. Board-certified and fellowship-trained radiologists who specialize in breast imaging quickly coordinate follow up care if needed. Highlights of our program include:

  • Convenience:
    Mammography and breast imaging services are available in locations throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. Many centers have early morning, evening and weekend hours. View locations.
  • Comfort:
    It’s natural to be nervous about a mammogram. The team takes extra steps before, during and after your appointment to ease your concerns.
  • Timely results:
    Breast radiologists typically evaluate mammograms the same day. Results are available online within two business days through the patient portal.
  • Diagnostic testing:
    You have access to a range of services, including 3D mammography, ultrasounds and image-guided biopsies. Explore additional breast imaging services.

3D Mammograms Without a Referral

Screening mammograms enable doctors to detect signs of breast cancer before it causes symptoms. Nuvance Health imaging specialists use 3D digital mammography (breast tomosynthesis), which makes the fine details of breast tissue more visible. Many women receive 3D mammograms without a physician’s order.

To be eligible, you must meet specific requirements, which include:

  • Being 40 years old or older
  • Not having breast cancer symptoms, such as a change in breast appearance, a lump or nipple discharge other than breast milk
  • No personal or family history of breast cancer
  • An average breast cancer risk

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Additional Breast Imaging Services
We offer additional services, including:
  • Breast ultrasound: This test uses soundwaves to produce images that offer a closer look at breast tissue and blood flow.
  • Breast MRI: A magnetic field and radio waves produce more detailed images than tomosynthesis.
  • Image-guided breast biopsy: Imaging guides the needle removing a tissue sample, which we can then test for cancer.
  • Wireless localization device placement: Radiologists use advanced localization devices to mark the location of the surgical area. This enables surgeons to locate the area with less disruption to healthy tissue.

Extended Mammogram Access in New York

Imaging centers at Putnam Hospital and Vassar Brothers Medical Center are designated New York State Cancer Service Program (CSP) locations. Breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings are available to eligible patients at no cost.

To be eligible for cancer screenings under CSP, you must:

  • Live in New York State
  • Not have health insurance
  • Have health insurance with out-of-pocket costs that prevent you from obtaining cancer screenings

Breast Cancer Care

If you face a higher-than-average risk of breast cancer, you may benefit from genetic testing and counseling. The cancer genetic counselors at Nuvance Health discuss your options and explain results.

If we detect signs of cancer, you have access to a team of specialists, including breast surgeons and radiation and medical oncologists, who deliver personalized care.

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