Colorectal Cancer Screening (Colonoscopy)

A colorectal cancer screening (colonoscopy) from Nuvance Health® can be lifesaving. This procedure detects abnormal cell growths (polyps) in the colon or rectum and often removes them before they become cancerous.

The idea of a colonoscopy may seem unpleasant. But the team’s caring approach helps you have a comfortable experience while receiving this important test. Skilled providers, some with decades of experience, perform a thorough exam using leading techniques.

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About Colonoscopy and Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

In its early stages, colon cancer often has no symptoms. Screening tests, such as colonoscopy, detect polyps when they are easier to treat. Removing them before additional cell changes occur can lower the risk of a cancer diagnosis.

Colorectal cancer risks increase with age. This is why national guidelines recommend colon cancer screening with colonoscopy starting at age 45. People typically need this test every ten years.
Exam of stomach

Colonoscopy at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

Digestive health doctors (gastroenterologists) with advanced training through fellowships perform your procedure. The specialists are also board-certified, meaning they passed rigorous exams and maintain high care standards. Highlights of our program include:

  • Convenience
    Colonoscopies are available in locations throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. We offer modern outpatient facilities (ambulatory surgery centers) with high-definition equipment and private recovery rooms. Undergoing a colonoscopy at outpatient facilities such as ours may lower your out-of-pocket cost, if applicable.
  • Good outcomes
    Specialists deliver care that consistently exceeds national standards. The team excels in thorough colonoscopies that detect and remove cancerous growths that are easy to miss. 
  • Coordination
    Nuvance Health doctors work together to help you have a seamless experience. Primary care providers and gastroenterologists exchange information that enables us to tailor services to your needs. For example, if you are on medications, we determine if and when you need to stop taking them before your procedure.

Screening options, what to expect and comprehensive cancer services

  • Advanced colorectal cancer screening options  
    In rare cases, additional procedures are necessary. We offer endoscopic submucosal resection and double balloon enteroscopy. These sophisticated procedures make it possible to access and treat large and difficult-to-reach polyps without surgery. Find out more about advanced endoscopy. 

    We use chromoendoscopy for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), many of whom face a higher risk of colorectal cancer. Chromoendoscopy involves temporarily staining colon tissue with a special dye that makes it easier to detect abnormal growths.  
  • Colon cancer screening with colonoscopy: What to expect  

    If a colonoscopy is right for you, here’s what to expect:

    • Colonoscopy prep: The night before your procedure, you drink a prescription solution that helps clean your colon. It triggers bowel-clearing diarrhea. 
    • Procedure: We give you medications that temporarily block sensation and put you to sleep. Specialists then pass a thin tube with a camera at the tip (colonoscope) through the anus. We examine the length of your colon, carefully checking for polyps. If we detect any abnormal growths, we typically remove them during your procedure.
    • Results: You receive your results immediately after the procedure. 
    • Recovery: When you wake up, you may feel groggy and bloated. Most people resume their regular activities the next day. 
  • Comprehensive cancer services   

    If colonoscopy results show signs of cancer, we coordinate with the Nuvance Health Cancer Institute. You have access to a broad range of therapies and an experienced team of specialists for trusted care close to home. Learn more about colorectal cancer. 

    Colonoscopy is one of the many ways we help protect our community against avoidable cancers. Find out more about cancer screening and prevention services, including mammograms, smoking cessation and more.