Advanced Endoscopy

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Nuvance Health® offers advanced endoscopic procedures that enable us to carry out complex tests and therapies without surgery. These procedures use long thin tubes (endoscopes) with lights, cameras and instruments at the tip to reach treatment areas.

You have access to sophisticated options that are typically only available in academic medical centers. Our experience performing thousands of procedures each year means you receive outstanding care close to home. 

Advanced Endoscopy at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

You receive services from digestive health doctors (gastroenterologists) specializing in advanced endoscopy. We deliver trusted services, including procedures that are not widely available in New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. Highlights of our program include:

  • Comprehensive care

    Nuvance Health is among the few places in the region where you have access to double balloon enteroscopy. A two-balloon system at the tip of the endoscope grips the intestines, creating space to advance the scope. This technique makes it possible to access the entire length of the small or large intestine.

  • Convenience
    Advanced endoscopy procedures are available in locations throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. We offer modern outpatient facilities (ambulatory surgery centers) with private recovery rooms. Dedicated endoscopy suites include high-definition equipment. Undergoing a endoscopy at outpatient facilities such as ours may lower out-of-pocket costs, if applicable.
  • Safety
    We respond quickly to advances in the field, including disposable endoscope tips that significantly lower the risk of drug-resistant infection. Nuvance Health was among the first programs in the region to use disposable tips for certain pancreatic disease procedures.
  • Leadership
    Nuvance Health is training the next generation of endoscopists through a gastroenterology fellowship program. Current specialists teach fellows all aspects of endoscopy, including advanced procedures. Find out more about the gastroenterology fellowship.

Advanced endoscopy procedures we offer

Specialists deliver a broad range of procedures that help you receive more of the services you need close to home. Offerings include: 

Colonoscopy services

We remove abnormal growths (polyps) and early-stage colon cancers. For flat polyps, we inject a solution to raise them, which protects healthy underlying tissue. Services also include double balloon enteroscopy to detect polyps deep in the colon when traditional colonoscopy techniques are not successful.

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Hepatobiliary disease treatments

Organs of the hepatobiliary system (bile duct, pancreas and gall bladder) are challenging to reach. But advanced endoscopic techniques make it possible to access these areas with less disruption to healthy tissue. Hepatobiliary disease services include endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) for narrowed ducts.

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Palliative cancer care

We use advanced endoscopic techniques to deliver comfort care to people who may be too sick for traditional cancer therapies. Offerings include debulking procedures that shrink tumors so that you can receive chemotherapy. We may use a stent to widen a narrowed esophagus, enabling you to eat solid food and reduce the chances of tube feeding.

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Upper gastrointestinal (GI) disease care

These services are for conditions affecting the esophagus, stomach and first part of the small intestine. Advanced endoscopic procedures include spray cryotherapy to shrink esophageal cancers. We also offer double balloon enteroscopy to detect issues such as bleeding and narrowing deep within the small intestine.

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