NICU at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

If your baby needs critical care, the NICU at Nuvance Health® Vassar Brothers Medical Center can help. Our Level III NICU is a 15-bed unit that cares for infants as young as 23 weeks to infants who are full-term.

NICU at Vassar Brothers Medical Center: Why choose us?

If your infant is critically ill, you want to choose a NICU that provides advanced, compassionate care. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the only Level III unit between Albany and Westchester. The Level III designation means we can deliver complex care for premature and critically ill babies. We have a patient-family advisory council so we can continually improve our program and offer you the best possible experience. Highlights of our NICU include:

  • Family-centered care
    Parents become integral parts of their baby’s care by participating in daily rounds with the dietitian, nurse practitioner, neonatologist and nurses. You also have access to a specialized social worker who offers ongoing support and resources.
  • Dedicated, compassionate providers
    Each provider on the NICU team is dedicated to supporting your whole family. Many of our nurses have many years of experience in caring for NICU babies and have rich knowledge of how to care for your whole family.
  • Access to pediatric specialists
    Through our alliance with New York Children’s Medical Providers Services, P.C., an affiliate of the nationally ranked health system, Connecticut Children’s, your newborn will be cared for by a team of pediatric specialists in our Level III NICU. Because of this relationship, your family has access to any necessary subspecialty services, such as cardiology, neurology or urology.
  • Access to specialty services
    We provide a range of specialty services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech therapy on a referral basis. Our specially trained NICU pharmacists ensure safe medication dosage and delivery. Registered dietitians specialize in assisting with your infant’s nutritional needs.
  • Emphasis on comfort
    Physical touch is an important aspect of caring for your newborn. In our NICU, we prioritize kangaroo care (skin-to-skin contact) with your newborn. Kangaroo care can help keep your baby warm, regulate your baby’s heart and breathing, and decrease stress.
Neonatology and NICU services we provide

We offer a range of neonatal services, including:

  • 24/7 neonatal coverage
  • Intravenous (IV) therapy
  • Specialized NICU pharmacists
  • A specially trained transport team
  • Supplemental oxygen and equipment to help your baby breathe such as:
    - Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
    - Jet oscillators

For more information about our NICU, please call: (845) 454-8500 | TTY: (800) 421-1220