Structural Heart Disease and Heart Valve Disease

Nuvance Health® cardiac specialists treat structural heart conditions and heart valve disease to bring you relief and restore your quality of life.

Structural Heart Disease and Valve Disease at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

  • Advanced care for complex conditions
    Nuvance Health cardiac teams provide advanced treatment options for complex heart rhythm conditions. We can often help patients who have been told traditional surgery is not possible.
  • Expertise in heart and lung conditions
    Heart rhythm disorders can lead to pulmonary embolism (a blocked artery in the lungs). The pulmonary embolism response team at Nuvance Health features cardiac specialists who rapidly start diagnosis and treatment to remove clots. We also perform national research on the unique needs of high-risk patients with pulmonary embolism.
  • Cryptogenic stroke program
    Strokes of unknown origin are called cryptogenic strokes. A multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, electrophysiologists and neurologists work together to determine the structural cause of these strokes. When possible, we close those defects with new devices that prevent clots from passing into the heart.
  • An integrated team
    You and your loved ones can count on a multidisciplinary team to treat structural heart disease and heart valve disease. We bring together a team with varied experience and specialties to provide targeted, appropriate care.

Problems in your heart valves or chambers can be congenital (present at birth) or develop over time. Other types of cardiac disease can also cause problems in your heart’s internal structures. Untreated structural heart problems can reduce your energy and your quality of life—and cause serious complications.


Nuvance Health has expertise in repairing structural heart defects including:

  • Adult congenital heart disease
  • Aortic stenosis
  • Atrial septal defect (ASD)
  • Mitral valve stenosis
  • Patent foramen ovale (PFO)
  • Ventricular defect

Diagnosis for Structural Heart Disease and Heart Valve Disease

We use advanced diagnostic tools to study your heart’s structure and check for any problems. Learn more about cardiovascular imaging and testing.

Treatment for Structural Heart Disease and Heart Valve Disease

If your heart doesn’t pump properly, you may need to have one or more valves repaired or replaced. Your cardiologist and cardiac surgeon work together to recommend the treatment option that’s right for you:

  • Valve repair: Removing weakened portions of the valve, which is then strengthened and shortened to stop the leakage.
  • Valve replacement: You may receive a mechanical valve or bioprosthetic valve (made from human or animal tissue), depending on your condition.

Your treatment may include minimally invasive procedures such as:

Ongoing Support for Structural Heart Disease and Heart Valve Disease

Keeping your heart healthy is a lifelong journey. We support you with follow-up appointments to monitor your heart’s function and ensure you’re feeling well.