Lab Testing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to important questions, so you know what to expect.

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Nuvance Health® offers a range of diagnostic labs that detect signs of illness and evaluate your overall health. When your doctor recommends one of these tests, it’s natural to have questions. Read on for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Where Can I Get Blood Drawn?

Nuvance Health has blood draw locations (patient service centers) located conveniently throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Connecticut. Some centers are in the same buildings as Nuvance Health doctors and hospitals.

What Types of Lab Tests Are Available at Nuvance Health?

You have access to a broad range of lab tests, including blood tests to check for signs of infection and chronic disease. Find out more about the types of lab tests we offer.

Do I Need a Doctor Referral to Access Lab Services?

A doctor referral is necessary. The referral specifies the type of lab test you need and where to send the results.

Is an Appointment Necessary?

Yes, you need an appointment. Many patient service centers offer early morning, evening and weekend hours, making it easier to fit into your busy schedule.

How Much Do Lab Tests Cost?

Lab test costs depend on the type of test and your insurance. Some insurance plans require you to pay a portion of the cost out of pocket. Prices for select tests are available on Nuvance Health hospital pages.

What Information Do I Need to Bring With Me?

Plan to bring your insurance card and a photo ID. If you have a copy of your doctor’s order, it’s helpful to have it with you. If you do not have the order and your physician is with Nuvance Health, we can likely look it up.

If I Need a Blood Test, Should I Fast Beforehand?

Your doctor will let you know if fasting (not eating and drinking only water) prior to the test is necessary. If you need to fast, we let you know for how long. Blood tests that typically require fasting include cholesterol and blood sugar evaluations.

What Happens After I Provide My Blood, Urine or Tissue Sample?

We label it and send it to the lab. Technicians perform quality checks before and after any tests requested by your doctor. The team confirms the results and sends them electronically to you and your care team.

How Will I Be Notified of My Results?

  • If results are normal, we typically post them in your patient portal within two business days.
  • If results are not normal, a physician or nurse calls you to explain the findings and next steps in your care.

Will My Doctor Receive My Results?

Nuvance Health doctors and providers can access your results through your electronic medical records as soon as they are available. In some cases, this may be before you receive them. You can view your results in the patient portal.

How Can I Obtain Copies of My Lab Results for Later Use?

You may view your lab results in your patient portal.