Healthy Aging Geriatric Assessment Program

Healthy aging assessments from Nuvance Health® detect signs of disease and disability that can be easy to miss. We help connect older adults with treatments, services and local resources that help them live an excellent quality of life. Our goal is to help you make decisions that can help you feel well, remain happy and stay productive. The team includes experienced geriatric specialists, some with decades of experience, who understand the unique needs of older adults. 
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Healthy aging geriatric assessment program at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

Healthy aging assessments are one of the many ways Nuvance Health provides the services of a major medical center with the familiarity of a community-based team. Highlights of our program include:

  • Comprehensive assessments:
    We use research-based methods to evaluate your physical, cognitive and mental health. Specialists also gauge your ability to care for yourself and live independently. 
  • Personalized recommendations:
    Everyone ages differently, which is why we use a whole-person approach to determine your individual needs. We work closely with you and your loved ones to pinpoint and address areas of concern. 
  • Coordination:
    Geriatric specialists communicate assessment findings to primary care physicians and other referring providers. If changes to existing treatments are necessary, we work closely with your other providers to implement them. 

Healthy aging geriatric assessment FAQs

  • Is a healthy aging assessment right for me?   

    Our services are for older adults experiencing signs of aging that could interfere with their safety and well-being. Patients are typically 65 and older. However, adults in their 50s with early-onset conditions, like dementia, may also be eligible. Healthy aging assessments may be right for you if you are:

    • Concerned that the level of assistance needed from loved ones is causing significant stress
    • Experiencing mental health issues, including depression or changes in behavior
    • Regularly frequenting the emergency department or needing to stay in the hospital
    • Showing signs of age-related issues such as frequent falls, incontinence or memory loss
    • Struggling with essential tasks, such as bathing, walking or hearing
    • Taking multiple medications, vitamins or supplements
  • What should I expect during a geriatric assessment? 

    Our team typically performs assessments and provides recommendations in a single visit. We encourage your loved ones to attend and participate in conversations with geriatric specialists. Healthy aging assessments often include:

    •  Questions related to your medical history, living situation, daily activities and support system
    • A physical exam to assess specific concerns, like difficulty walking
    • Evaluating memory, cognitive function, mental health status and nutrition
    • Reviewing medications, results of previous tests and notes from other relevant provider visits
    • Talking with loved ones about your medical history, behaviors and concerns
  • What healthy aging plans, services and recommendations should I consider? 

    Additional tests, such as:

    • Imaging scans
    • Physical therapy or occupational therapy to optimize mobility and abilities
    • Assistance from community organizations that provide companionship and homemaking services
    • Referrals to other Nuvance Health specialists, such as neurologists, psychiatrists or registered dietitians for additional services
    • Homecare services, including safety assessments and personal care
    • Medication reconciliation, changes in medication types or doses that lower the risk of complications
    • Services to support family caregivers and palliative care to help you plan for future care needs