Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding meets your newborn’s nutritional needs naturally while offering numerous health benefits. But it doesn’t always come easy. Nuvance Health® is here for you with helpful information and personalized support. 

Breastfeeding support at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

New moms across New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut often look to us for breastfeeding support. Trusted providers deliver a broad range of services that help you learn what to expect and give you the confidence to overcome challenges. Highlights of the program include:

  • Trust lactation consultants 
    You receive services from certified lactation consultants in convenient locations throughout the region. We typically visit moms in the hospital the day after the baby is born. And we are available by phone after you leave the hospital. 
  • Timely assistance
    Lactation consultants share their knowledge with maternity nurses so you receive research-based breastfeeding support throughout your hospital stay. Some locations offer in-person breastfeeding consultations after hospital discharge. You can also read answers to breastfeeding frequently asked questions.
  • Uncommon expertise
    An obstetrician with additional certification in breastfeeding and lactation helps people with medical concerns impacting breastfeeding. These include a history of difficult breastfeeding, endocrine disorders, complicated breast surgeries, medication questions and more.
  • Donor milk program
    It often takes a few days for a mother's body to produce breastmilk. In some cases, a little longer. Donor milk can help meet your baby's nutritional needs until you can do so on your own.

Virtual breastfeeding consultants

Nest Collaborative is a team of highly skilled International Board-Certified Lactation Consultants®. Breastfeeding support is offered through convenient online video appointments to assist parents in navigating the breastfeeding journey and achieving their feeding goals. Benefits include:

  • Antepartum education
  • Available for new or existing patients
  • On-demand virtual appointments
  • Bilingual service providers available
  • Most insurances accepted, including Medicaid
  • Collaboration with your primary care provider

When booking online, select a preferred date and time. You will receive an email confirmation and an invitation to complete your registration and intake forms.

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Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Classes

Nuvance Health supports each stage of your breastfeeding journey. Lactation consultants meet with many expectant moms through classes. These early interactions help you learn what to expect and set reasonable goals for nursing your newborn. 

Offerings include a Breastfeeding Basics class where we help expectant moms to lay the groundwork for successful breastfeeding. You learn about nursing positions, establishing milk supply and troubleshooting common problems. Class availability and format (in-person or virtual) varies by location.
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Inpatient breastfeeding and lactation support

We start helping you breastfeed shortly after your baby is born. Specially trained maternity nurses are by your side throughout your hospital stay. Lactation consultants typically visit new moms within a day of their baby’s arrival. In some locations, doulas with breastfeeding training help you start nursing your baby within hours of birth.

We provide comprehensive inpatient consultations that involve: 

  • Asking about your breast health history, including whether you have had complex surgery or other conditions that may complicate nursing
  • Providing brief education about breastfeeding techniques, milk production and common challenges
  • Watching you breastfeed to ensure the baby latches on to your nipple and is sucking properly 
  • Finding a comfortable nursing position for you and your baby 
  • Helping you establish breastfeeding goals and start thinking about a daily routine 
  • Answering questions, such as how to know whether your baby is getting enough milk

Outpatient breastfeeding support services

During your inpatient stay, we provide the information you need to feel comfortable breastfeeding on your own. But if you have questions after discharge, we’re here to help. Lactation consultants are available by phone  seven days a week in some locations. We resolve many common issues without needing to see you in person.


If you need additional help, in-person visits with lactation consultants may be available. You receive services in a private, comfortable setting where we discuss your concerns and help you find a solution. We also work with you to develop a personalized feeding plan to meet your newborn’s changing needs.


In-person and virtual support groups are available. You meet with and learn from other new moms who may be going through similar experiences. Learn more about support groups.