Thoracic Tumors and Cancers

A broad range of thoracic tumor and cancer care options, right in your community.

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Thoracic tumors are abnormal growths in your chest that may or may not be cancer. At Nuvance Health® Cancer Institute, you receive quality care where you’re most comfortable, right in your community. Skilled specialists deliver treatments with your unique needs in mind.

Thoracic Cancer Care at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Nuvance Health offers a broad range of thoracic cancer services, including screening, diagnosis, treatment and clinical trials. Our concern for your wellbeing throughout treatment means you access to additional support, including assistance from nurse navigators and social workers.

  • Experienced specialists:
    If you need surgery, you are in the caring, capable hands of nationally recognized and fellowship-trained thoracic surgeons.
  • Research
    The specialists lead research that’s paving the way for additional thoracic tumor care innovations. Research interests include preventing and treating complications as well as advancing the use of robotic surgical technologies. We publish findings in respected medical journals, making it easier for doctors worldwide to benefit from our efforts. Learn more about our research.

Pioneering Thoracic Cancer Care

Our active role in thoracic tumor and cancer research means we are often among the first programs offering new technologies. As early adopters, we have experience with these techniques. Our efforts include:

World’s first robotic-assisted thymectomy:
The surgeons at Nuvance Health were the first to use robot-assisted surgery to remove the thymus gland. The technology enables us to access and remove tumors in this hard-to-reach area using tiny incisions. Find out more about cancer surgery.

First in the nation robotic-implanted brachytherapy
: This therapy uses radioactive seeds to deliver high doses of radiation to the tumor. Using the surgical robot to implant the seeds helps us place them in the right spot. Read more about radiation therapy.

Diverse Group of Medical Staff

Team Approach To Thoracic Tumors And Thoracic Cancer

Thoracic tumor care at Nuvance Health reflects the recommendations of multiple specialists. We discuss complex cases during weekly tumor board meetings to coordinate the course of care that’s right for you. The thoracic tumor board includes specialists representing: chest imaging (radiology), lung disease (pulmonology), medical oncology, nursing pathology, radiation oncology and thoracic surgery.

Other conditions we treat include: noncancerous lung tumors, such as chondroma and osteochondroma and thymoma.