Cancer Treatments and Services

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Nuvance Health™ Cancer Institute puts nationally recognized cancer care within reach, from locations in New York’s Hudson Valley to Western Connecticut. You have access to traditional therapies along with innovative options you might not expect to find. The approach also includes supportive services to enhance comfort and peace of mind.

Cancer Treatments and Services at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Our cancer care specialists tailor recommendations to your medical needs and personal preferences, so you receive exceptional cancer care. Some of our surgical treatment locations are accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer®. 

  • Team approach:
    You receive care from skilled cancer specialists using the latest techniques. Many are recognized as leaders in their field. These specialists frequently gather in meetings called tumor boards to closely coordinate care and support for complex cases.
  • Personalized care:
    In eligible patients, we perform advanced (genomic) testing to check for specific changes in cancer cell genes. The team uses this information to determine the treatments that are appropriate for your diagnosis.
  • Clinical trials:
    An active role in cancer research gives eligible patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials testing the next generation of treatments, if you qualify. Find out more about cancer clinical trials and research.
  • Support:
    Cancer nurse navigators coordinate care and appointments for many patients, making it easier to focus on getting better. You can also receive support services that relieve some of the burden of living with cancer and treatment side effects. Get more information about supportive care.

Available Treatments for Cancer

Cancer care at Nuvance Health may include:

Cancer surgery

You receive care from experienced surgeons, many of whom completed additional training through fellowships in surgical oncology and other specialties. For patients who qualify, we use minimally invasive and robotic surgery techniques that remove cancer through small incisions. Find out more about cancer surgery.

Chemotherapy and other medical oncology

Medical oncology treatments use medications to slow or prevent cancer cell growth. We offer newly approved chemotherapy drugs, which give many patients additional care options. You receive the careful attention and support of specially trained nurses before, during, and after treatment.

Other medical oncology options include immunotherapy for cancers that do not respond to standard treatments. You receive drugs that work with your immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells. We also offer isolated limb infusion, which delivers chemotherapy directly to cancers in the arms and legs. This treatment is only available at a handful of cancer centers nationwide.  Learn more about chemotherapy and other medical oncology.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses beams of intense energy and other techniques to shrink cancerous growths (tumors). We offer sophisticated options, such as hypofractionation for eligible patients. This treatment typically helps patients complete treatment in less time. Nuvance Health’s experienced radiology team takes time to plan your care, so you get more out of each treatment. Explore radiation therapy.