Cancer Screening and Prevention

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Cancer prevention and screening are key to early detection and effective treatment. Nuvance Health™ Cancer Institute offers cancer screening and prevention programs so you have the best possible outcome. We help you assess and potentially reduce your risk of cancer.
What is Cancer Screening?
Cancer screening means looking for cancer before you develop any symptoms. Screening tests can help find abnormal tissue or cancer at an early stage, when it can be easier to treat. Cancer symptoms can be a sign that cancer has grown and spread, which can make it harder to treat.

Types of Cancer Screenings We Offer

Nuvance Health hospitals and medical practices provide screenings for:

What to Expect from a Cancer Screening

Your doctor may suggest a screening test if you have a high risk for certain cancers. Risk factors might include a family history of cancer or certain gene mutations (changes) linked to cancer.

We’ll talk with you about benefits and risks of each test, so you can decide what’s right for you. Your screening process may include:

  • Physical exam and history: Your care team checks your general health, including signs of disease or anything that seems unusual. We also ask about your health habits and past illnesses and treatments.
  • Laboratory tests: These medical procedures test samples of tissue, blood, urine or other substances in your body.
  • Imaging procedures: We take pictures of areas inside the body, using advanced imaging technology to provide accurate results.
  • Genetic tests: Your doctor orders a laboratory test and analyzes cells or tissue to look for changes in genes or chromosomes. These changes can indicate that you have or are at risk of having a specific disease or condition. Learn more about genetic counseling.

If we find signs of cancer, we’ll order further testing to confirm a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. Find out about cancer diagnosis.


We offer mammograms for early detection of breast cancer, so you have the best chance of a positive outcome. Learn more about breast cancer screening and how we treat breast cancer.

Help to Quit Smoking

Some of our hospitals offer free smoking cessation programs as part of lung cancer screening. These programs typically run for 6 weeks, providing education and support throughout the quitting process.

Clinical Trials and Research

Our clinical trials and research initiatives are revealing new ways to find cancer earlier. For example, we offer a pancreatic cancer screening trial that may identify cancer in people who have newly diagnosed diabetes or genetic risk factors.

Expanding Access to Screenings

Improving the entire community’s health is a top priority for Nuvance Health. One way we do this is partnering with state governments on early detection of breast and cervical cancer for our underserved neighbors.

How Nuvance Health Supports You

Nuvance Health is always looking for new ways to prevent cancer and detect disease quickly. The nurse navigators stay by your side every step of the way, so you understand the next steps and options for care.