Lung Cancer

Lung cancer care from innovative specialists who help put the odds on your side.

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The lung cancer program at Nuvance Health® Cancer Institute offers more of the care you need close to home. You have access to leading treatments and an experienced team. If you are at risk for lung cancer, screenings and other specialized services are available.

Lung cancer care at Nuvance Health: Why choose us?

You receive care from a program that excels in lung cancer care, including diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Patients also come to us to treat noncancerous growths, including lung nodules. We deliver trusted care, including options that are not widely available. Patients often stay with us years after treatment because we understand their medical history and health goals. Highlights of our program include:

  • Innovation:
    We have led groundbreaking research that’s advancing lung cancer care. We were the first program in the world to implant radiation (brachytherapy) seeds in lung tissue with robotic surgical technology. And we are national leaders in using GPS-guided technology to enhance surgical procedures. Read more about cancer clinical trials and research.
  • Quality:
    We are among the nation’s top lung cancer surgery programs for lobectomy. Patients typically leave the hospital within a few days and complication rates are extremely low.
  • Advanced airway treatments:
    If you are not able to have lung cancer surgery, we offer options to eligible patients. Procedures, including cryotherapy and stenting, that open blocked airways are available. Care may also include treatments to decrease the size of tumors, which can relieve certain symptoms. Explore advanced airway disease.
  • Lifelong care:
    Survivorship services maximize wellbeing and help ease recovery after you complete lung cancer treatment. We check for signs of new cancer and deliver preventive services to help you avoid common illnesses, such as pneumonia.

Lung Tumors and Cancer we Treat

  • Lung cancer, including non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer
  • Lung nodules, which are abnormal growths in the lungs that might not be cancerous
  • Metastatic lung cancer, which occurs when cancers from other areas of the body spread to the lungs
  • Neuroendocrine tumors that form in the organs of hormone-producing cells
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Lung Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Lung Cancer Symptoms

    Common symptoms of lung cancer include:

    • Chest pain
    • Cough that doesn’t stop or coughing up blood
    • Unexpected weight loss
    • Hoarseness
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Shortness of breath
  • Diagnosing Lung Cancer

    If we detect a suspicious growth during a screening or imaging for some other medical condition, you receive additional testing. Your care will likely include a detailed computed tomography (CT) scan. A radiologist specializing in thoracic diseases interprets the results.

    In eligible patients, additional testing may include evaluating the suspicious growth using a long, flexible tube (bronchoscope) with a camera and tiny instruments. GPS mapping technology helps us reach the location of the growth and take a tissue sample. Pathologists specializing in lung disease evaluate the tissue sample under a microscope to confirm or rule out cancer.

  • Treatments for Lung Cancer

    Your care may include:

    • Surgery: We determine the right approach for removing the portion of your lung with cancer. Eligible patients receive minimally invasive surgery, which removes cancer while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible and eases recovery. Find out more about cancer surgery.
    • Drugs and other medical treatments: This option includes chemotherapy drugs that slow cancer cell growth. Patients who qualify may also benefit from immunotherapy, which helps your immune system recognize cancer cells and attack them. Explore chemotherapy and other medical oncology.
    • Radiation therapy: This treatment uses high-energy radiation to shrink the cancer. This option may be right for you if you cannot have surgery. Find out more about radiation therapy.
    • Supportive care: You receive therapies that relieve breathing problems, stomach issues and other side effects of treatment. Read more about supportive care.

Lung Cancer Screening Excellence

Catching lung cancer early helps you receive treatments that are more likely to be successful. Some Nuvance Health locations, including Vassar Brothers Medical Center, are designated by the Lung Cancer Alliance as a Screening Center of Excellence. This designation means you can count on us for careful testing using the latest methods.  Explore lung cancer screening

Quit Smoking Now

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to lower your lung cancer risk. Some of our locations, including Norwalk Hospital, offer a six-week smoking cessation program at no cost (if you are eligible). The program is available twice a year and provides the support you need to give up smoking. Call (203) 855-3563 for more information. Contact us