Lung Cancer Screening

Breathe Easier Knowing That Early Detection Can Save Lives

In the past, doctors diagnosed the majority of lung tumors at an advanced stage, resulting in fewer treatment options and poor survival.
Now, because of low-dose CT scans for lung cancer screening, doctors are finding cancers at an earlier stage, when they are most treatable.

Lung Cancer Screening: Why Choose Us?  

Early detection and diagnosis of lung cancer are critical to living a longer, healthier life. At Nuvance Health™, lung cancer specialists offer low-dose CT scans. 

These scans use little radiation to detect lung cancer before signs and symptoms ever show up. Screening is the most effective way to have an early diagnosis–and thereby early treatment.  

Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends annual screening for lung cancer with low-dose CT scans for all adults who: 
  • Are between the ages of 55-80 
  • Have a 30-year smoking history 
  • Currently smoke or have not quit smoking in the last 15 years 

Learn More About Low-Dose CT Screening

To see if you are eligible for lung cancer screening using low-dose CT, please call: 

Your primary care doctor or pulmonologist may need to place a referral or examine you before your scan.