Microvascular Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive surgery minimizes the effects of head and neck cancer on your appearance and quality of life. At Nuvance Health® Cancer Institute, surgeons use sophisticated techniques, such as microvascular free flap reconstruction. We are among the few hospitals in New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut offering these advanced surgeries

What is Microvascular Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery?

Head and neck cancer treatments can disrupt sensitive tissue, including bone, muscle and nerves. Microvascular free flap tissue transfer is a technique we use to repair surgical areas using tissue from other areas of your body.

Microvascular reconstructive surgery can:

  • Restore a natural-looking appearance to visible areas of your face and neck
  • Reconstruct internal areas and organs like your tongue to help you speak and swallow

Reconstructive Head and Neck Surgery at Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

You receive skilled care from a head and neck cancer surgeon with additional training in microvascular reconstruction. The team offers a level of experience that comes from treating a high volume of patients. Highlights of our program include:

  • Computer-assisted surgical planning
    Before your procedure, surgeons use imaging scans and special technology to perform a test run of cancer removal and reconstructive procedures. After analyzing the results, we print custom implants to help guide your actual surgery.
  • Clinical trials
    Active participation in head and neck cancer research gives you access to leading care, including clinical trials. The team’s research interests include evaluating current reconstructive techniques and testing new ones. Explore cancer clinical trials and research.
  • Coordination
    We deliver complete care that includes additional cancer treatments, like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. You may also receive supportive services, like speech and swallow therapy, to keep your care moving forward. Find out more about cancer treatments and services.

Is head and neck reconstruction right for me?

Regardless of cancer size in the head and neck area, surgical treatment involves removing tissue. We use reconstruction to repair the area.

  • For small cancers, we typically restore the area using surrounding tissue.
  • For larger cancers, surgeons transfer tissues from other areas of the body like the arms or legs.

Reconstruction for larger cancers often includes microvascular techniques. Surgeons use a surgical microscope and special techniques to connect blood vessels of the transferred tissue to its new location.

You may need microvascular reconstruction to:

  • Create a new jaw and replace missing teeth with dental implants
  • Restore a more natural shape and movement to your tongue
  • Close large surgical wounds in your mouth, throat or neck.

Other conditions we treat

We work closely with Nuvance Health doctors to help patients with other medical conditions who could benefit from our services.

We use head and neck reconstructive surgery to treat conditions such as:

Skin cancer

The team delivers skilled care for skin cancer affecting the face, head and neck. You benefit from leading diagnostic techniques and surgical treatments. Care for advanced skin cancer may also include immunotherapy.

Serious accidents (trauma) affecting the face, head and neck

With eligible patients, the team performs advanced facial reconstructive surgery. When necessary, we use 3D computer planning and 3D printed implants to help you achieve excellent results.

Developmental abnormalities affecting the face

The team treats patients with developmental facial deformities using advanced techniques