LGBTQIA+ Community Programs

It is important to meet the specific healthcare needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals. For us, the delivery of this care is a team effort. Learn more about these community partnerships and ways you and your loved ones can get involved in our work. 

Partnerships with Community-based Organizations

Nuvance Health® is proud to collaborate with nonprofit organizations who share our dedication to the health and wellness of our communities. This includes many LGBTQIA+ partners. 

Our hospitals offer community outreach programs and sponsorships to nonprofit organizations to promote wellness and health education. Our doctors and staff are committed to going beyond the expected to help all members of our communities be healthy and stay well. 

We are motivated by a commitment to the communities we serve. Learn more about our community outreach.
  • Sponsorships 
    We sponsor many nonprofit organizations to promote wellness and health education, including LGBTQIA+ initiatives. We are proud to collaborate with partners like Triangle Community Center in Norwalk and Dutchess County Pride Center. They share our dedication to the health and wellness of our communities. 

Nuvance Health LGBTQIA+ Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Nuvance Health LGBTQIA+ Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) includes patients and families who have received care within the past year from Nuvance Health. The goal of this council is to create a welcoming environment within our organization that is inclusive for all patients. 
Parents Kissing their daughter
  • Goals of the LGBTQIA+ PFAC

    This group addresses issues concerning many aspects of patient care, including care quality, communications, patient safety and staff education. Specific goals of the council include:

    • Better communication with LGBTQIA+ patients and families
    • Community outreach
    • Promoting health equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging
    • Staff engagement and training
    • Understanding LGBTQIA+ health issues
  • How to get involved with LGBTQIA+ PFAC  

    We are looking for advisory council members throughout a wide geographical area that spans Connecticut and New York’s Hudson Valley. Criteria to become a member include:

    • Only patients and families who have received care within the past year from Nuvance Health 
    • Members should be committed to building a partnership to understand the needs of the communities they represent 
    • Members should be committed to implementing programs and policies to address healthcare opportunities within Nuvance Health

    If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Amy Lionheart, Network Manager of Volunteer Services at

Nuvance Health Organizational Programs

We are reinforcing a culture of respect and affirmation with intent. We invest in several proactive programs that advance our work in LGBTQIA+ care to support our employees and patients. 
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  • Nuvance Health Policies 

    Learn about your patient rights, including the Patient Bill of Rights, privacy policies, and nondiscriminatory statements. 

    Here at Nuvance Health, we continually strive for excellence and encourage you to contact a patient relations representative if you need assistance or have concerns.  

  • LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group 
    We created the Nuvance Health LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) to improve the experience, health and healing of our internal LGBTQIA+ community. The ERG helps us further develop a safe, collaborative environment. Employees can engage with one another and form meaningful relationships to build a deeper sense of community.

    We foster a systemwide culture of inclusivity through continuous staff education, delivering equitable and affirming care and advocating for our patients and staff. We also engage in community outreach with LGBTQIA+ advocate partners to further our reach of inclusivity. 
  • LGBTQIA+ Interdisciplinary Task Force  
    Nuvance Health provides equitable care to all community members. To hold ourselves to the highest standards, we created a systemwide LGBTQIA+ task force. This task force includes physicians, nurses, technicians, and staff in patient support roles. We share and implement best practices using the Healthcare Equality Index as our framework. 
  • Education Program for Care with Cultural Humility
    We are developing extensive education on cultural awareness and committed to increasing knowledge on health disparities to elevate equity in care.