Tis the season for toy hazards, Mom and Dad

Mom and child with Christmas toys

By Nuvance Health Family Medicine


With Santa back in the North Pole and his nice list fulfilled, winter break is sure to be filled with many happy children. But as the famous movie scene goes, it’s all fun and games until Ralphie breaks his eyeglasses with his new Red Ryder.


Don’t be like the mom and dad from “A Christmas Story.” Here are a few toy-safety tips that will prevent urgent and emergency medical care: 

  • Supervise riding toys. These are the most notorious when it comes to toy-related injuries. If Santa’s sleigh had a new ride-on car (like a Power Wheel) or foot-powered scooter for your little girl or boy, keep them away from streets, pools and stairs.


  • Notice small parts. Children explore their surroundings by putting things into their mouths. This can lead to choking. Become familiar with the size of a small part or toy ball. A small part is less than 1.25 inches across and up to 2.25 inches long. Here is something else. Not all toys are properly labeled with warnings.


  • Inspect batteries closely. Duct tape any battery compartment closed that isn’t childproof. The National Capital Poison Center warns that button batteries can be fatal if swallowed.  


  • Protect your child’s vision. Eye injuries are on the rise, stemming from toys that use projectiles. If your child must have the latest foam blaster, consider gifting a superhero mask that covers the eyes. If you plan on purchasing a drone, consider one with safety mechanisms and keep them away from young children. Those propellers turn into spinning blades and would not make a for a comical Christmas movie plot.


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