Patient rebuilds health, confidence through weight loss surgery

Vincent Farrell, Norwalk Hospital Bariatric Surgery Patient


For Vincent Farrell of Stamford, Conn., consulting Dr. Neil Floch and the bariatric surgery team at Norwalk Hospital was the first step in rebuilding his life and, most importantly, his confidence.

Before he underwent gastric bypass surgery, shopping brought emotional and physical hardship. His relationship to food was also closely tied to managing negative feelings about his appearance.

“I weighed 310 pounds because I’d eat so much food, and I soon realized surgery was not an end-all solution to weight loss but a tool to use in my new life to build better health,” he said.

Farrell’s experience also included nutrition counseling to reframe his relationship with food. From guidelines on how to cook nutrient-rich meals specific to his needs, “they teach you how to fuel your body while balancing sustainable eating patterns and habits.”

In just under a year, he’s lost more than 150 pounds and shifted from a size 50 to 32 in pants. “I’ve also lowered my risk of heart attack and diabetes, which are just a few other things I am grateful for during this transformation.”

Post-surgery, Farrell radiates newfound confidence. He’s since been rock climbing and adventuring to outdoor rope courses for the first time and says, “I remind myself each morning I have the tools and knowledge to keep being healthy, even if some days are difficult.”

He notes the support of his husband, family and bariatric team as cornerstones to his success and positive spirit. “The entire family continues to put themselves in my shoes they even revamped their own diets! We were all grateful for this opportunity and excited for the journey to pay off,” he added.

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This story is one patient’s experience, recounted here for educational and general informational purposes only.