Cardiac Catheterization and EP Lab at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Nuvance Health® is a trusted name in heart care with a team capable of treating the most complex cases. Patients benefit from advanced testing and sophisticated procedures in our cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs. Recent enhancements are raising the level of service we provide and improving the patient experience.

What is a cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology lab?

Cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology studies are two separate procedures. They are both performed in a section of the hospital called a lab, which is made up of specialized procedure rooms:

Cath and EP lab capabilities at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Highly skilled electrophysiologists and interventional cardiologists guide your care. We use innovative methods to successfully treat common and complex conditions. The team offers procedures, like lead extractions, that are not widely available. Our reputation for excellent outcomes draws patients from across the region.

We recently redesigned our cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs from the ground up, incorporating advanced features, such as: 

Large Procedure Rooms

We’ve doubled the square footage of our procedure rooms. This additional space enables multiple doctors and team members to participate in the procedure, so you receive seamless services.
Doctors in VMBC Cath Lab

Leading Edge Technology

The cath and EP labs features modern imaging equipment that produces high-definition scans with less radiation. Our digital medical record captures important information about your procedure, making it secure but easily accessible when needed.
VBMC cath lab equipment

Efficient Use of Space

Essential equipment, including monitors and anesthesia gas lines, hang from sturdy booms attached to the ceiling. Moving these items off the floor creates more space for teams to move around and eliminates tripping hazards. 
VBMC cath lab patient room

Hybrid Capabilities

EP and cath lab rooms can accommodate open surgical procedures when necessary. 
VBMC Cath lab room view

Advanced heart testing and arrhythmia procedures: Why choose us?

Upgrading the cath and EP labs is part of our commitment to providing outstanding heart care, close to where our patients live and work. 

Highlights of the program at Vassar Brothers Medical Center include: 
  • Broad range of services
    In addition to cath and EP lab procedures, you have access to additional tests, therapies and specialists. The team works together to tailor and coordinate the services that are right for you. Find out more about our cardiovascular treatments and services.
  • Quality focus
    We voluntarily participate in industry initiatives evaluating our clinical performance. Teams submit and analyze data about specific heart procedures and outcomes. Results lead to valuable insights that are improving heart care. The information also shows that Nuvance Health consistently exceeds national standards. 
  • Innovation

    The team takes part in studies exploring new electrophysiology and catheterization procedures. These efforts give you access to new tests and treatments years before they are widely available. Read more about cardiovascular research.

  • Evidence-based care
    Heart specialists consistently use methods demonstrated through research to be the most effective. Our alliance with Cleveland Clinic's Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute takes these efforts one step further. We regularly collaborate on emerging practices and how best to integrate them into our workflows. 
VBMC cath lab waiting area

Enhanced patient experience at Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology lab enhancements help you have a more comfortable, pleasant experience. Before and after your procedure, you stay in a semi-private room separated by three walls, not curtains. Large windows offer sweeping river views. There’s also a chair and plenty of space for a loved one to stay with you.

Special technologies allow teams to be attentive to your needs while maintaining a quiet environment. If you need something, simply press a button and it delivers an alert directly to your nurse via a walkie-talkie-like device. We also have bedside computers, making it easier to document and retrieve information about your care.