Genetic Counseling

Genetic specialists help you get answers to your health questions so that you can make informed decisions.

Find a Genetic Counseling Location
Genetic counseling may be a useful tool in your decision-making. Your doctor may refer you to a genetic counselor based on your personal and family health history. If you have a concern, you can also ask your doctor if genetic counseling is right for you.

Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

When you choose genetic counseling at Nuvance Health, you’ll find:

  • Coordinated care:
    Our genetic counselors are members of your care team. Counselors coordinate with primary care, obstetrics, breast health, cardiovascular, cancer care and other referring specialists.
  • Expertise:
    Highly trained genetic counselors detect if you are at risk for a congenital disease and what options you have to manage or prevent it.
  • Accessibility:
    We’re conveniently located and available throughout Nuvance Health.
Take comfort in finding answers
Nuvance Health genetic counselors will support and reassure you as you learn about your personalized genetic testing options. You can have comfort and peace of mind by finding answers that can help you make informed care decisions. Counselors have genetics training to determine your risk level for inherited or congenital diseases. Our team explains complex genetic information. We’ll help you and your family review your options and make educated choices about further testing or care decisions.
Genetic testing: What to expect

The testing process usually begins with a referral from your doctor. At your first visit, the genetic counselor will listen to your specific questions and concerns. The counselor will:

  • Obtain your medical history and draw out your family tree, including your family health history. We recommend talking to your relatives before your appointment. If you have medical records on family members with health conditions, please bring those to your visit.
  • Identify increased risks or predisposition for hereditary diseases using information gathered in the family and personal history.
  • Discuss testing options and help you weigh the risks, benefits and costs of the testing. Testing cannot provide you with all the answers but can guide your decision-making.
  • Perform genetic testing, which usually begins with a blood draw/sample or a saliva test. A laboratory processes the sample.
  • Share the results with you and discuss the next steps.

How genetic counselors support you

Nuvance Health genetic counselors will:

  • Help you understand your risks
  • Explain the tests available to you
  • Counsel you on the benefits and limitations
  • Ensure that you feel emotionally and mentally prepared for test results
  • Navigate insurance coverage for tests

Counselors support and educate you throughout the process. We understand this may be an emotional time. Education can be a powerful tool when making challenging healthcare decisions.

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