Putnam Hospital FAQs

Nuvance Health and Putnam Hospital leadership is grateful for the support of our staff and community. We look forward to creating an even better Putnam Hospital to care for you and your family for years to come. 

If you have questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to AskPutnamHospital@nuvancehealth.org.

  • What is happening at Putnam Hospital?   

    In early 2022, Putnam Hospital announced a growth-based plan. This is to adapt to a changing healthcare landscape putting rural and community hospitals across the country at risk. This includes:

    • Expanding access to primary and specialty services
    • Reopening the Birthing Center in January 2023 and expanding Women’s Health services
  • What programs are we adding?   
    We have a robust plan in place that includes an extensive Women’s Health program that involves prenatal, post-natal and gynecological care from birth to post-menopause. We will also offer women a full complement of breast, cardiac, imaging and other appropriate care. 

    We also plan to expand our cancer care services to include specialist consultations, onsite surgical services and an infusion center. 

    Other planned additions will be shared as appropriate regulatory and other approvals are obtained. 
  • What programs are we closing? 
    We are not closing any programs at this time.
  • How are we funding these new programs?  
    We appreciate partnerships with our community agencies, in addition to local, state and federal support. We are also so grateful from the philanthropy we receive from our community members. Find out more about how you can support Nuvance Health programs and services at Putnam Hospital here
  • What is the advantage to being part of Nuvance Health?   
    As part of Nuvance Health, Putnam Hospital clinicians can easily refer patients in need of services not offered at our hospital to high-quality specialists within the system. This makes it simple to access specialty and advanced services not offered in most community settings. Once treated, those same community members are returned to their community to receive services in Putnam.  

    We saw an example of this during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critically ill patients were stabilized at Putnam Hospital and transferred to tertiary care at another Nuvance Health facility. Being part of Nuvance Health allowed Putnam Hospital to maximize the care it could offer while keeping patients close to home.

    There are also financial advantages. Over the past three years, Nuvance Health has invested many millions of dollars in support and critical infrastructure to Putnam Hospital. This included technology advancements such as a new surgical robot and telehealth systems, as well as facility upgrades and renovations. The system will continue investing in Putnam Hospital’s vibrant future.