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Treatment of Venous Disease

Our team of vascular surgeons are pioneers in the treatment of venous disease. More than 20 years ago, they were some of the first physicians in the country to use minimally invasive techniques to treat varicose veins and venous diseases.  Our physicians have presented their work at national and international conferences and have published numerous articles on vein treatments. They are also routinely listed in New York Magazine’s and Connecticut Magazine's Best Doctors issue.  

Our physicians and advanced care providers are dedicated to offering our patients the most complete and compassionate care in addition to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities for their venous problems.

  • Superficial Venous Disease  

    Varicose Veins with or without swelling and or skin ulcers:

    • Saphenous vein ablation (closure)
    • Radiofrequency - heat
    • Mechanico-chemical - mechanical injury to the vein wall in combination with chemical irritation
    • Chemical only - microfoam 
    • Medical adhesive - glues the walls of the vein shut
    • Microphlebectomy – removal of varicose veins using very small incisions (no sutures)

    Spider veins and very small varicose veins

    • Sclerotherapy – painless, mild chemical detergents injected with hair-fine small needles designed to injure the inside of the vein and cause it to close and disappear

    *All of the above procedures are performed in our office using local anesthesia

  • Deep Venous Disease  

    Leg ulcers (treatments will depend on cause of ulcer)

    • Perforator vein ablation - Radiofrequency or Chemical (office procedure)
    • Venous balloon angioplasty and stent

    DVT and Pulmonary embolism (treatments will depend on location, severity and age of clot)

    • Blood thinner medications
    • Venous thrombectomy (removal of clot) with minimally invasive devices
    • Lytic therapy – drugs to dissolve clot with placement of a specialized catheter into the clot

    Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (VTOS) - performed in operating room

    • Removal of clot if the major deep veins of the arm have DVT
    • First rib resection and possible repair of the subclavian vein with vein patch 

    Swelling and or leg ulcers secondary to chronic venous occlusion in the pelvis/abdomen

    • Balloon venoplasty and stent 
    • Open surgical venous bypass 

    Venous aneurysms

    • Open surgical repair