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Nuvance Health director is AHA’s Go Red for Women chair once again

Monique Corcoran - AHA sponsor 2023


Nuvance Health is a proud sponsor of the American Heart Association’s 2023 Go Red for Women celebration and equally thrilled Monique Corcoran is this year’s chair of the campaign.


Monique has worked at The Heart Center, a division of Hudson Valley Cardiovascular Practice, P.C, that is part of Nuvance Health Medical Practice, for more than four years and oversees 11 locations, 38 cardiologists, 20 nurse practitioners and physician assistants, who serve close to 10,000 patients per month.


She is the director of operations for the Nuvance Health Heart and Vascular Institute West and sees chairing the Go Red initiative as an important component of spreading the message of treatment and prevention against cardiovascular disease. Monique also chaired the campaign last year.


We asked Monique some questions about her involvement with Go Red for Women.


How do you see being chair of Go Red for Women as a continuation of your work at The Heart Center?


Monique: As the director of operations, I see my role as the chair of Go Red for Women as just one more way I can support the need for raising awareness of the prevalence of heart disease in women. In my daily work, we talk about women’s heart health frequently, but we all believe the public does not fully grasp the scope of how much heart disease is impacting women in the world.


You were chair in 2022; what made you want to continue serving as chair in 2023?

Monique: I felt I was only touching the tip of the iceberg with this noble cause and deciding to serve again for 2023 has allowed me to dig in much deeper to the education and fundraising activities of Go Red for Women. I also enjoy giving back to my local community.


What do you hope women (and men) will gain from the Go Red campaign?

Monique: I truly hope people walk away from this event with a greater understanding of how important it is to not only make time to take good care of yourself but to not ignore any signs or unusual symptoms such as chest pressure, and continuing neck and back pain. There are too many stories of women who were experiencing symptoms of cardiovascular issues and ignored them or sought care and they were misdiagnosed. It is so important to be a strong advocate for yourself and your health.


What does this year’s theme “Be the Beat” mean to you?

Monique: “Be the Beat” means each woman needs to be accountable to herself — take care of herself — advocate for herself so she can, in turn, advocate for others. We need to be the role models, the voice of this program, and share information with the life force of our heartbeats.


Learn more about the Go Red for Women luncheon held this year on Thursday, Nov. 16 at the Culinary Institute of America.

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