Norwalk Hospital enrolls participants in prostate cancer clinical trial

Philip Gilbo, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology and Christine Chin, MD, Radiation Oncology discussing a breast cancer clinical trial.


Norwalk Hospital is currently the only site in Connecticut enrolling men with unfavorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer in a clinical trial.


Norwalk Hospital has opened a new clinical trial for men with unfavorable intermediate-risk prostate cancer. Researchers are studying treatment options based on an individual’s genetic risk of the cancer spreading. At this time, Norwalk Hospital is the only site in Connecticut conducting the clinical trial.


Researchers are testing whether radiation alone is as effective as radiation plus hormone therapy at treating prostate cancer in men with a low gene risk score. A low gene risk score means the individual is less likely to have the cancer spread versus a high gene risk score. 


Researchers are also testing whether adding another new hormone therapy drug to the usual combination of radiation and hormone therapy increases the length of time without prostate cancer spreading for men with a higher gene risk score.


“Men with unfavorable intermediate-risk prostate can have hormone therapy, also called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). While ADT is a standard of care and can effectively treat prostate cancer, it can cause side effects that impact a man’s sexual health, bone density and muscle mass,” explained Dr. Philip Gilbo, chief of radiation oncology at Norwalk Hospital.


“We want to be certain each patient receives ADT to their benefit based on their risk score, whether they need less and can potentially minimize side effects, or more to increase the chance of a cure,” Dr. Gilbo said.


“We not only aim to effectively treat cancer but also maintain each patient’s quality of life. We continue to improve patient experiences and outcomes by studying treatments, which is why we are excited to participate in this clinical trial,” Dr. Gilbo said.

Philip Gilbo, MD, Chief of Radiation Oncology at Norwalk Hospital, part of Nuvance Health


The clinical trial is designed to randomly assign genetically low-risk prostate cancer participants to one of two groups: standard radiation combined with six months of ADT, or radiation therapy alone. Conversely, genetically high-risk participants will be randomized to either standard radiation with six months of ADT or radiation plus a dual treatment of six months of ADT and an additional anti-hormone drug.


Participants will participate in the study at the Whittingham Cancer Center. To learn more about the clinical trial, email


This is an NRG Oncology clinical trial. Norwalk Hospital is an NRG Oncology-approved primary clinical research site because it is highly qualified to participate in innovative cancer research on an international level. Learn more about the prostate cancer clinical trial.