Caregiver support expands at Northern Dutchess Hospital

Caregiver holding woman's hand in wheel chair


By Allison Gould, LCSW-R and Amanda Yanzek, LCSW


Since 2012, The Center for Healthy Aging has offered supportive services for family caregivers in the form of counseling, education and support groups. We are now pleased to announce the expansion of our caregiver support services, including our first new initiative: Inpatient Caregiver Outreach.


What is Inpatient Caregiver Outreach?

Family caregiving can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Caregivers are tasked with caring for another person while trying to maintain their own lives, relationships and responsibilities. This can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Support for family caregivers can have an immediate and long-term impact on the caregiver’s wellbeing, and ultimately the wellbeing of the person they are caring for.

Through the Inpatient Caregiver Outreach initiative our clinical social worker and volunteer team will be on the med/surg unit at Northern Dutchess Hospital on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to meet directly with caregivers who may benefit from supportive services. The caregiver may need to talk, process next steps, ask specific questions, seek resources, or may simply benefit from learning about the ongoing supportive services available through our program.


Where can you find the Inpatient Caregiver Outreach team?

If you feel you might benefit from speaking with someone from our caregiver support team, you are also welcome to reach out to us directly by calling The Center for Healthy Aging at Northern Dutchess Hospital (845) 876-4745. We are happy to speak to you about our caregiver support groups and counseling services. 

Allison Gould is a social worker and Amanda Yanzek is a geriatric care coordinator at The Center for Healthy Aging in Rhinebeck, NY.