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  • Who will I work with from the Metabolic Medical Weight Loss Program team?   
    The Metabolic Medical Weight Loss Program at Nuvance Health is a structured program where you will have frequent visits with:

    Margaret Molloy, LCSW*
    Maggie Molloy, LCSW, Behavioral Health Consultant,  Nuvance Medical Group
    Maggie Molloy is a licensed clinical social worker with over 20 years of clinical experience. Maggie has extensive experience working with a diverse population managing chronic mental illness and addiction issues. She provides a holistic approach to her therapeutic interventions when working with individuals and utilizes a variety of modalities in brief talk therapy sessions that include mindfulness, motivational interviewing, health coaching and solution focused treatment. Maggie works collaboratively with the health care providers and individual to provide optimal patient care.

    Maggie enjoys reading and movies and spending time with family and friends.

    *Patients must be part of the Medical Weight Loss Program to schedule an appointment with this provider.

  • How will the Metabolic Medical Weight Loss Program help me lose weight?    

    Our team will develop a personal weight loss plan that addresses nutrition, lifestyle, behavior and exercise.

    We also prescribe anti obesity medication when clinically appropriate and indicated. You may expect to lose 5-10% of your weight and sometimes even more – within a six month time frame.  Results are unique for each patient 

  • Is this a bariatric surgery program?  

    This is not a surgical weight loss program. However, if you are considering weight loss surgery or have had weight loss surgery already, then you are also a great candidate for our program. The team collaborates closely with bariatric surgery specialists at Vassar Brothers Medical Center.

  • Are the office visits covered by insurance?   

    The program qualifies for Medicare Intensive Behavioral Therapy for weight loss. All visits are regular medical office visits and subject to specialist co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance.

  • Will they order lab testing?  

    Your provider will do a detailed review of your most recent labs and decide if further lab assessments are needed.
  • What other testing is included?   

    Our team may provide:

    A referral for resting metabolic rate testing: An advanced cardiac risk assessment with the Nuvance Health cardiovascular disease prevention program.

  • Will they collaborate with my specialists?   

    Our providers communicate regularly with your healthcare team and office notes are copied directly to them following each visit.
  • Are medications covered by insurance?  

    Not all insurances cover weight loss medication. The team works with you to find the most affordable options.