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Wellness at work: Incentives worth switching jobs for

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When an employee has to fulfill the many demands life puts on them, their health can suffer along with the time and energy they devote to their jobs.

The good news is that more employers recognize that organizational effectiveness hinges on the well-being of their workforce. And more workers are looking for companies that support their wellness.

Corporate benefits packages often combine comprehensive medical coverage with well-rounded wellness programs that offer gym discounts, on-site yoga classes, online health education and employer-sponsored fitness challenges.


Blood work and assessments

Employee wellness programs typically involve self-assessments with a focus on emotional and physical health, as well as lifestyle habits.

Some employees may be asked to do a biometric screening, where blood work is analyzed and vital signs are taken.

Blood pressure, glucose, body mass index, waist circumference and cholesterol are screened to evaluate risk of heart disease, diabetes and other common health conditions. The screenings are designed to help employees take care of their own health.

Nuvance Health recommends sharing health assessments and screening results with your primary care physician and addressing any areas of concern with them at a follow-up visit or during a comprehensive annual physical or wellness visit.


Adopt healthier habits

Some employees may score in the “red zone” on their vital signs have bloodwork results that raise concerns. Employers can offer eCourses, live webinars, on-demand videos, interactive education sessions and one-on-one coaching via email, text or phone to help these employees adopt healthier behaviors.

Motivation through workplace-led fitness challenges can be a fun way to engage with employees. Types of challenges could encourage an unplug from electronics, mindfulness, a switch to positive thinking and a diet with more fresh produce.

When companies provide wellness incentives to their employees, they provide awareness of potential health risks and rewards for good lifestyle choices. When done well, employers can join with health care systems like Nuvance Health in preventing worldwide epidemics such as chronic diseases and obesity.

In summary, an employee-led wellness program:

  • Increases the employee’s awareness of their health as well as their engagement.
  • Helps with early detection of chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and more.
  • Improves population health through awareness and education.
  • Motivates employees to continue practicing healthy behaviors.

Nuvance Health offers employees a robust program we call Vitivie Health. Learn more about employee benefits here.