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Putnam Hospital reopens Birthing Center

Putnam Hospital Birthing Center


The Birthing Center at Putnam Hospital is open.

The newly renovated unit is now welcoming expectant mothers, featuring private labor-and-delivery rooms, private postpartum suites and an operating room dedicated to cesarean deliveries.

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Putnam Hospital Birthing Center postpartum suite
Putnam Birthing Center Postpartum Suite

“As Putnam Hospital undergoes a series of exciting changes to expand primary and specialty care, the Birthing Center is key to our growth and in meeting the needs of families close to their homes,” Putnam Hospital President Dr. Mark Hirko said. “Reopening the Birthing Center is just one component of a comprehensive women’s health service plan we have underway.”

There is also a newly renovated nursery staffed by clinicians from New York Children’s Medical Provider Services, P.C., a specialist group associated with Connecticut Children’s, who will provide nationally recognized neonatal and pediatric care to children and families in the area.

“We are committed to making sure every child has access to physicians and specialists who are experts in kids,” said Anand Sekaran, MD, Nuvance Health System Chair of Pediatrics and Connecticut Children’s Division Head of Pediatric Hospital Medicine and Medical Director of Inpatient Services. “New York Children’s clinicians understand that children have different needs than adults. Kids require a very different kind of care with equipment that is designed just for them. Patient families will immediately recognize the improvements and feel the difference in their experience when they are here.”

Following the temporary suspension of delivery services in March 2022, Putnam Hospital leadership has been hard at work securing a team of specialists to provide individualized, family-centered care to ensure the growth and success of maternal health in the region.

“This is a great location for patients since it provides families the benefit of being at a small, family-centered facility associated with higher-level-care hospitals. If those advanced levels of care are needed, they are available,” said Nuvance Health Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB-GYN) Dr. Elizabeth Lucal, who began seeing patients at Putnam Hospital in December. “The ease of knowing your appointments are in the same building you will deliver in can be very helpful and limit the stressors related to pregnancy.” 

Along with Dr. Lucal, at least two OB-GYNs will join the team later this year and recruitment for midwives is ongoing. 

In addition to the New York Children’s Medical Provider Services’ neonatal and pediatric care, the Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG) has clinicians onsite for 24/7 coverage of women in labor. Also, Dr. Linus Chuang, a Nuvance Health gynecologic oncologist, began seeing patients earlier this month at Putnam Hospital, expanding access to advanced care options for women with gynecologic cancer. 

Last fall, state grant monies and generous community donations totaling $1 million helped fund the reconstruction effort. They included a $500,000 state grant secured by New York State Sen. Peter Harckham, $250,000 from the Kearney Realty and Development Group and $250,000 from the Putnam Community Foundation.

“Putnam Hospital is the only hospital in Putnam County, and it is so important to our community,” developer Ken Kearney said at the time. “The renovation of the Birthing Center is a first step toward a new future for Putnam Hospital — and an impactful one. Throughout people’s lives, they will be asked, ‘Where were you born?’ and I want members of our community to be able to say they were born in Putnam County.”

The 12,000-square-foot Birthing Center features seven patient rooms, two on-call suites, operating room, scrub room, nurse station, waiting area, well baby nursery, conference room, staff lounge and medication room. All rooms are private and the unit is equipped with advanced newborn safety and security systems.  

“We are so grateful for the community’s support in helping to bring back a vital service in Putnam County,” Dr. Hirko said. “We are so proud to welcome families to our hospital again to continue receiving the excellent maternity care we are known for.”